Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tarbush Lebanese Restaurant, Empire Subang

Empire Subang is fast becoming THE place to go for good food for Subangites. It practically has everything from mamak food, street food to wholesome American and Authentic Chinese! On a fine Sunday after gym, I was craving for some nice Lebanese food, from Tabush right at the LG level of Empire Subang. A few phone calls and around 10 minutes waiting later, me and a couple of friends were at Tarbush ready to tryout some traditional Lebanese cuisine :)

Shisa only for display WTF

We started off with some Lebanese appetizers. Some hummus (mashed chickpeas with olive oil and paprika), Falafels (fried chickpea balls) and Dolma (rice and meat wrapped in grape leaves) were in order. The hummus was really good, packed with the fragrance of chickpeas and a hint of paprika and the smokiness from the olive oil. The pita bread to be eaten with the hummus could be warmer though, it was stone cold.

The falafels were great, not oily at all and went superbly well with the accompanying yogurt. Perfect balance of strong chickpeas taste and mild yogurt smoothness.

I loved the dolma as well, especially when paired with fresh lemon juice. My friends however though it was a bit tasteless without the lemon juice. Couldnt satisfy everyone with this one I guess.

We decided to share our mains instead of ordering individually, so we just had the Lamb Arayes and mixed grill. The lamb Arayes, although really fragrant and flavourful was a bit too dry for my liking, wasnt really juicy and tender as per the description on the menu at all. Could have gone softer with the salt as well.

The mixed grill offers a combination of shish kebab, shish tawook and lamb chops served with garlic sauce. Shish kebabs and tawook were fantasticly good, and yes they were tender but the lamb chops were charred and too dry for me. garlic sauce was dynamic and their offer refills willingly :)

Traditional Lebanese drinks like mint tea and mango yogurt are offered here as well.

Price is quite OK for an "exotic" restaurant, Appetizers will set you back RM5 - RM15 while main course starts from RM20 and above.

Heres a map of Empire Subang for you readers. Tarbush is located at the LG floor of Empire, near Senai and Kenny Rogers.

Tarbush Lebanese Restaurant
Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya
Lot LG36, Jalan SS16/1, Subang Jaya,
Selangor DE.

Tel: 603 5635 9818 / 603 5635 9858

Opening Hours:
Everyday 10am - 10pm

doggyjames says...a good change from the usual Asian cuisines we are so accustomed to. Do try it at least once ;)

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