Thursday, June 23, 2011

Poop Burger...?

Hungry? Well you might fancy a POOP BURGER, created by – who else, a Japanese researcher.

The “meat” is processed from protein and lipids extracted from the excrements – then made more savory by adding soya and steak sauce. Scientist Mitsuyuki Ikeda believes that at some point in time, people will be open to the idea of having a poop sandwich.

He admits that “some people” may have a psychological aversion to eating artificial meat made of their own poop at first, but thinks many would be open to personally completing the food chain. He also notes that the burgers are extremely low in fat.

Not covered in the article, however, is feedback from Mr Ikeda on the taste of the meat.

doggyjames says...this recycling business is getting outta hand...

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