Saturday, January 5, 2013

Win BBQ Shop, Yangon, Myanmar

Mingalabar (hello in Burmese) all! I am now in Yangon for a month now and let me introduce one of Yangon's most famous night activities....eating!

One of the first place I was brought to is 19th Street in Downtown Yangon, famously known as BBQ street for well...the sheer amount of BBQ shops here! Any taxi driver would know this place so you need not be scared not being able to find the place!

the famous 19th street

The particular shop I went to is called Win Restaurant, a typical Myanmar BBQ shop set up with a few wooden tables and stools with a bbq stand outside this shop with cheap beer on sale (the most popular beer here is Myanmar beer, about 1,500Kyats or USD2). Think of Jalan Alor without the airconditioning and minimal amount of tourist.

For 3 person we order a rather large meal consisting of fried flat noodles (something like Malaysia's Char Kuey Teow but with less dark soya sauce and tonnes of meat!), BBQ items including squid, chicken meat & ass, pork ribs, quill eggs, vegetables and a rather decent sized talipia fish, which standard size is about 1kg each filled with herbs, lemon and cilli. That and a large serving of kangkung fried with garlic for good measure. oh and there is a dish of Burmese style omelet somewhere in the picture.

all these goodies just for 3 very, very greedy fellas

And we were served with a simple sauce made from cooking oil, vinegar, lime juice, chilli and other spices. Wouldn't say I love it at first but it has grown on me now.

simple yet great sauces

And how do one order if one does not speak a word of Burmese? Well just hop over to the bbq stands and point your way to food heaven!

dont worry, most of the items are clean & fresh...well, MOST.

And how much did all these yummies, plus 6 large bottles of cold, refreshing Myanmar beer cost? About 24,000Kyats (USD28). Would say it's the cheapest in the world but hey, surely much more affordable than KL! The prices varies but would be cheaper at places where there are no tourists.

I must say Myanmar is a hidden foodies paradise. More food adventures from Yangon coming up very soon!

No maps for this one because of diplomatic issues between Myanmar & Google, lol.

Win Restaurant
19th Street,
Yangon, Myanmar.

Operating Hours:
Daily from 11am - 12am

Doggyjames says...yummy, economical, totally awesome!


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