Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sai's Tacos, Yangon, Myanmar

Mexican food in Yangon sounds like something that comes out from a science fiction movie, that's exactly my thoughts when a local friend told me about this little place hidden in Bahan, Yangon's equivalent of Bangsar in Malaysia. I have fallen in love with the local food in Yangon since I arrived little over 2 months ago and although I wouldn't mind having Burmese food for lunch everyday, the stomach was craving for something a little different. So one fine afternoon when work in the office was not too demanding, I decided to drop by this place, located in an old school bungalow among Yangon's elites.

The restaurant serves tex-mex favorites such as quesadillas, tacos and burritos in a modest setting among the pretty buildings around the area. Rattan chairs and wooden tables provide a simple yet comfortable among the hustle and bustle of the big city, among with a lot of greens in its garden. Air conditioning was not available due to the small generator they have, but I was not complaining as I enjoyed sitting outdoors anyways.

the interiors. picture courtesy of mmtimes

The menu here is quite interesting. You get to customize your own meals, from the type of meat (beef, pork, chicken) to the toppings (beans, salsa, rice etc). I decided to get a burrito (Ks3,000) with the works (mexican rice, cheese, black beans, mango salsa). Preparation took little more than 10 minutes and before I knew it, I was having one of the best burritos I had ever had washed down with their delightful American style iced tea (Ks500). The burritos was filled with generous portion of ingredients, the meat was well marinated and the combination of ingredients would give anyone a mouthful of orgasms. One portion was enough to fill one's stomach for a few hours but being the greedy pig I am, I decided to go for another order, this time a beef taco again with the works.

the burrito

The Taco (Ks2,200), despite smelling and looking really good, was a bit of a disappointment for me. The taco shell was crunchy but was obviously store-bought. The beef tasted really dry this time, probably because the ingredients were not wrapped together like the burrito. And they could be a little more generous with the sour cream, the cheddar cheese I ordered was missing as well.  I went back to Sai's a few days later however and ordered the soft taco instead, and the soft one tasted really good.

The taco, a slight disappointment

It was a decent surprise to find a decent Tex-Mex restaurant in Myanmar, even in KL I had trouble finding one. The restaurant is quite hidden and the small signage is the only clue on locating the place. Food quality and value wise, one of the best in Yangon. Best of all, home delivery is available for an extra Ks2,000!

Sai's Tacos, Yangon
32A Inya Myaing Road,
Bahan Township, Yangon

Tel: 01-514950

Operating Hours: 
Weekdays: 11am - 9pm
Weekends & Public Holidays: 8am - 9pm

doggyjames says...a decent surprise in Yangon, a break from local food at times.

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