Thursday, September 24, 2009

Restoran Tmn. Million Batu Tiga Dim Sum, Jalan Ipoh KL

Now, every once in a while you'll be having one of those sleepless nights or better yet, having sleepless night after some drinks with a few friends and had the strangest cravings for food not available at night. Yeah. Thats what happened to me and my bunch of friends the night after EKT & JY's wedding. We were so sleepless we decided to go mamak at 3am but after getting no service at all from anyone there, we decided to go for some midnight dim sum at Jalan Ipoh. I've only been there once and reckon, why not? Nothing like pipping hot dim sums at 3 in the morning eh? So off we went and thanks to the Raya holidays, the city was deserted. We reach the place within 15 minutes.

The place is not really hard to find...just look for the only chinese looking restaurant open for business during the odd hours along Jalan Ipoh! Its next to Hong Leong Bank by the way. So we sat down, ordered some tea and off we go onto our 3am culinary adventure.

Place was nice despite sitting outdoors in the old part of KL. No wild dogs sniffing around, no rats nor cockroaches or any funny smell. Just plain old good KL wind and the smell of dimsum...yum yum

I went around and took some pictures while we were waiting for the tea and the guy with the dimsum....Seriously the place can really produce some artsy-fartsy shots if I have a good DSLR camera, very very nice.

And tell me you are not hungry by now...yummies!

And our food arrived very soon. Like any other old time dim sum place, a guy will be over at your table with a whole tray of dimsums, then you order lah.

The place serves your normal dimsums, paus, dumplings, and some really good kick-arse porridge. Too bad I was too busy eating to take some pics of the porridge...Also, the chee cheong fun is really good. The skin is silky smooth and the sambal-ish sauce that goes with it....very very ter-good lah!

Here are the pictures of the food, food and more food that night.Really, pictures can talk much better than me:

If theres one thing special about late night dim sums, never seem to have enough!!!We even wanted to go for 2nd round at pudu but decided it was too late. But all and all, this place is a real gem in the middle of KL. Food so good and opening hours so flexible making anyone just wanna go ... ngom ngom ngom :D Table full of food was cleared within 30 minutes. Yea, we are scary.

We spent approximately RM130 for 7 people that night, considered cheap I reckon.

Here's a map and details of the place for you details. Restoran Tmn. Million Batu Tiga, better known as the midnight dim sum shop along Jalan Ipoh on the right is located just beside Hong Leong Bank, opposite Wisma Yap Ka. It really hard to miss being the shop open late at night.

Restoran Tmn. Million Batu Tiga Dim Sum
No.475, Jalan Ipoh,
Batu Tiga, KL.

Tel: 012-286 3488 Irene
017-297 5582 Ah Kee

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 7.30pm - 6.30am (next day)
Sat: 7.30pm - 12pm (next day)
Closed on Sundays

Doggyjames says...This place is really the only reason for me to drive to KL at 3 in the morning just for supper. Enough said i reckon.

Oh yea I almost forgot...

One of my best pals for more than 10 years FINALLY tied the knot last weekend. Congratulations EKT & JY!!! I would be expecting full moon dinner next year yea? All the best on you and your better half's journey of life!

EKT's the one whose face looks like a dungu



  1. O.o u blog too! ^^
    btw, those dim sums~~
    looks yummy *saliva dripping*

  2. I actually stay over down the road :-)

    Some weeks ago I was feeling peckish at night, and decided to stop over to take away a pau. Ended up with an entire bag of dimsums. It was too tempting man...

  3. yen mee: yea best dimsum at night le

    mike: u stay at usj la since when u moved to jln ipoh?

  4. mike: opps sorry mate tot u were my friend...another mike tee...lolz

    yea the dimsums r great arent they? :D


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