Monday, October 26, 2009

Murni Mamak Store, ss2 PJ

Its 3 in the morning, you are hungry/bored, cant sleep and had a whole bunch of crazy friend with you and they are hungry too. What should you do? Normally I would just settle for any 24hr mamak store around the corner but on that particular day, The place Murni was suggested. I've heard of the place many times before but never tried it (yes I is the noobs) so why not?

The place is located in the famous makan haven of ss2, and you would know where it is just by looking at the CRAZY rows of people and table occupying a whole block of the usually busy ss2 area. When night comes, this place is king i tell you.

So we settled down and ordered our drinks first. I wanted to go for the usual ice lemon tea but was intrigued by the idea of having some special fruit juice instead. So it was the mango special for me. The others ordered melon special, orange special and all sorts of specials you could think of. And damn its good! I have never liked the idea of having mamak fruit juices but this is really good! I suspect they use real mango (added in with the mango syrup of course...) as there were traces of mango pieces all over. Full marks for this one!

I left the food choices to my friends who frequent this place a lot. He was telling us there are a lot of funny funny roti e.g. Roti Beckham, Roti Ronaldo, Roti Hawaii etc. and I was like WTF??? roti beckham = mohawk style roti kah? 5 minutes of akward silence followed as everyone was indulging in my ultimate noobness. Yeah, I can be a bimbo sometimes.

Anyways back to the rotis.

Roti Beckham was, unfortunately a disappointment for me. It taste alot like mashed tuna with meat & bacon inside. The taste just didn't gel well for me. Tried adding some dhaal & curry but it was just too weird for me. I'll take a pass at this.

Next came the roti hawaii. OMFG this must be the bomb here. Minced mystery meat (i suspect its ramli burger meat) with pineapple & sausages inside, with a heavy presence of egg inside...all topped up with the oh so good and oh so unhealthy mayo. Noneed to add any sauce to this its great as it is!!!

We ordered a roti seafood as well, just in case anyone was still hungry. Great too with a generous amount of tuna meat & crabstick inside, served as it is with normal dhall & curry. Simple yet gorgeously yummy...This I would come back and wallup the whole thing myself muahahhahaha.

The place is packed for the whole night. We left around the 4-5am mark and still people were coming in to have their meals! That i guess is more than a testament to how good their food actually are.

Price wise, it is surely very economical for the quality & quantity of food you get. A nice jug of special juice cost around RM5 whilst the special roti cost about RM5 or less.

Here's a map & shop details for you readers. Murni is just located behind KFC in ss2 or along Public Bank. Better yet, just drive around ss2 and look for a whole row of shoplots packed with satisfied diners.

ss2 Murni, Petaling Jaya
Jalan SS2/75, Petaling Jaya

Opening Hours: Everyday 24 hours except Mondays

doggyjames says...this must be one of the best mamaks in town, no more mamak around the corner for me hehehe

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