Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Seng Kee, China Town KL

Another midnight gem in the middle of KL, this time, I finally had the chance to sample one of the most famous lou shu fun (老鼠粉) stores in KL. So whats so great about staying up till 3am then have supper at some old building infested with rodents & roaches you ask? Haha like what I always say: A good meal in Malaysia is supposed to give you a nice diarrhea the morning after...*ehem* anyways...

This place is very easy to spot, as the tables fill up the streets at night. We were very lucky to be able to grab a seat big enough for all, as there were dozen upon dozens of clubbers/drinkers/too-bored-ers around at that time.

The must try here would be their lou shu fun, which is served in a claypot loaded with a generous amount of minced pork & a raw egg. Mix in the egg and wow, the whole dish would be immediately transform into a silky, tender, oh-so-great-i-cant-find-words-for-it experience. Definitely the star of the night this one. And it gets better. The aromatic & spicy sambal which comes along with the dish totally adds an extra dimension into the dish. Awesomeness galore!

Another must try dish here would be their fried siu yok or roasted pork. Really, whats better than roasted pork? The answer: fried them again! XD Absolutely chewy yet tender, the frying process intensifies the natural flavours of the pork, making this a very, very yummilicious dish. I recommend chewing a piece of these heavenly gems in your mouth for at least 3 minutes, close your eyes and think happy thought....you will be in heaven in no time.

They serve yong tau fu here as well. Although they do taste good, but I dont feel anything special about them. Maybe the first 2 dishes were just too awesome XD

The people here were very friendly, especially the chefs which took me by surprise. They pose happily for a picture and we even stroke a few conversation together, like for a minute or so.

The meal came to about RM70 for 8 people including drinks. Very economical in KL terms I reckon, especially for the quality of food you get!

Heres a map of the place for you readers. It is located along Jalan Sultan, opposite Kompleks Selangor.

Seng Kee Chinatown, KL
No.52, Jalan Sultan
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 -2072 5950

Opening Hours:
7am - 4am (next morning) - 2 shifts

* i forgot to ask which day they close...sorry

Doggyjames says...awesome...simply awesome...I am not a big fan of lou shu fun but this I would have everyday, the roasted pork was the BOMB! as well...very happy indeed :D

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