Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Night...Work

Its Friday night...I can hear the pub goers outside having fun but I am still working in office...waiting for some designs to pop outta the designers.

I miss the corporate world actually...and its only 3 months into agency life for me.Well at least I can blog in the office I guess XD

Let me introduce the 2 essential items on my workstation which are my lifesavers/mental stabilizers:

1. My cuppa coffee

Whenever I need some wake up call, this great friend of mine would always be around. Average intake: 3 mugs per day

2. Cancer on a stick

My lifesaver/ before you tree huggers start bitching, this is whats keeping me sane throughout the stressful life I am in right now, so piss off!!!

Emo time is over, back to work.

I wish you guys a very good happy hour session :)

And for those who are still working, you are always welcomed to join me for a puff or two.

Doggyjames aint gonna say anything now


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