Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kiwi Express Bakery & Cafe, USJ

This quiet little cafe is one of my favorite cafes in USJ, not just because of their good food but also the quietness of the place. I could spend hours just reading a book there without a worry in the world and also, the fact that I could smoke inside their air-cond premise is another bonus...hehehe

So I was there the other night with a good friend of mind, just catching and chit-chatting and she brought her camera along. So why not? Its time I give a review to this nice little cafe as I ordered my usual, their famous Kiwi Burger and my friend went with their lamb chop (which in the end,became my lamp chop =.= )

Food arrived fairly quickly, another plus point as we were chatting away and boy were we hungry. My Kiwi Burger looked & smells great with the usual home made meat patties, cheese, veg and most importantly, a freshly fried egg all mashed wonderfully together with nice home made buns. I changed the chips to salad due to my *ehem* wonderful figure and they were happy enough to do that for me. You have gotta try this at least once in your life, simply one of the best and dare I say, healthiest burgers around town.

The lamb chop was alright. Not the best I had but OK for a cafe I guess. The meat was fresh but lacked the lamb's gamy flavour. Some people would like this but to me, whats lamb without the taste of lamb? The black pepper sauce was alright and the accompanying corn & baked potato offers a welcomed change to the usual chips & coleslaw.

We had their signature Kiwi juice for drinks, besides the half-a-dozen coffees I had. This is another must try item as well. I believe that this is freshly squeezed everyday and its freshness & wonderful aroma would simply take you to another world...corny but true :)

Overall the food here is above average and pricing is very acceptable. The total comes to about RM60 for 2 main course, a couple servings of kiwi juices and the coffees I had.

Heres a map of the place for you readers. Kiwi Express USJ is located inside USJ or Taipan Business Centre, along the bank street. It is very prominent so you should have no problem locating it. I heard they have several other branches in Phileo Damansara & Puchong as well.

Kiwi Express Bakery & Cafe USJ
8, Jalan USJ 9/5N
47620 UEP Subang Jaya,

Tel: 03-8024 1463

Opening Hours:
6.30am - 10pm Daily*

* subject to manager's mood

Doggyjames says...try it, maybe you'll meet me there at my usual little corner :)


  1. Kanneh, all the place we went to eat, nvr put up review la?

    backlog konon... :p

  2. Jealous boyfriend you have there, James. Put up something for him la, McDs ke, Kfc, waeva!

  3. James, since when u 2 became an item? Hehehehe.

  4. Kang to James ... " Eh , cuppa coffe ... u know what loks good on you ? .... ME!!! "


  5. You r allowed to smoke in the restaurant? Maybe not the place for family and children then especially inside aircond environment? I don't believe it.

  6. Theres a seperate smoking section inside the cafe and the rest of the cafe wont get worries


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