Sunday, December 6, 2009

PC Fair 3 2009 babes

Now when I started this blog I told a lot of people this is gonna be a strictly food of now this blog is not only about food.

Why the sudden change of heart?

Heres why :D

I like working @ PC fair :)

Doggyjames says...he is getting a DSLR soon because PC fair had successfully reignited his love for photography :D


  1. Ha ha.. That's the marketing..
    Cute girl will attract guy to go to their booth even they just sell pen drive..

  2. Nice Nice Kawai~~~ Visit me food blog bdw at

  3. Ah another type of "food".. hahaha...

    Long live James, the amazing food blogger :)
    See the stomach also know he is so related to food liao la... :D LOL!

  4. Doggy eats siham for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper!!!!!


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