Friday, January 29, 2010

Sate Kajang Hj Samuri, Damansara Uptown

One of my buddies from my uni days in Adelaide came back for the new years last month, and was pestering non-stop about this satay shop in Uptown. My first reaction, of course was "you siao ah? Satay ofcoz go Kajang mar where got people go Uptown one?" But being the incredibly friendly host that I am, I decided to accompany him to that shop nonetheless.

We went 2 months after he landed, 3 days before his departure.

The place was not hard to find, probably the only Satay shop in the area. Once we reached the place I immediately recognized the place...isn't this the one in Kajang? Didnt know they have franchises...coolz! The place was nice and simple, with load of nice antiques around, perfect for me to show off my noob photography skills to Dandan (the guy who had to wait almost 2 months before we finally go to the place).

We arrived at about 3pm, just after the lunch rush so its relatively easy to get a seat. Heck, the restaurant was empty I even had time to check out some cameras in a shop nearby while waiting for Dandan. We were really ambitious that day as we place our order of 30 chicken satays & 10 beef satays, thinking we would still have some space left in our tummy for rabbit satays...wrong. We are in our mid twenties now...not 19 when we first met when all the buffets in Adelaide would ban us for life because of the amount of food we could put down in one seating...We had orange juice to cool us down after the heaty satays.

The satay itself was amazingly good, just below an orgasmic experience in my books. The meat was tenderly juicy and smells superb. The sauce was perfectly match with the meat, with my own adjustment of spiciness: Blow-Head-Off level. Fantastic.

I supposed the best thing about a place like this is that the satays are made fresh on demand, and surprisingly the taste was somewhat similar to the original shop in Kajang. The sauce taste very much like the one in the main shop too, which the traditional peanut sauce & sambal set on different bowls for you to adjust the spiciness yourself. Splendid.

All in all it was a splendid meal. The price there is very reasonable as well. Just look at the price list below. Noodles dishes are offered as well but I wasn't interested. The satay itself is enough, really. Am gonna go there and try their rabbit satay. Fluffy & cute animals are generally yummy. Think bambi & babe the piglet. yum yum.

Heres a map & details for you readers. The place is located near HSBC & Starbucks in Damansara Uptown, opposite the public car parks, not hard to find really. Parking would be a biatch so good luck.

Sate Kajang Hj Samuri, Damansara Uptown branch
No. 79, Jalan 21/37,
Damansara Uptown,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Tel: 03-7710 5318

Doggyjames says....Noneed drive all the way to Kajang for good satay d. happiness galore :)))

PS: Naz, finally got halal review for you aledi. Next time belanja me satay arnab there. TQ in advance. hehe.


  1. Bro, the outlet in Taipan really drop standard. The last I went there, satay was keras like batu, the kacang sauce just came out from the fridge, and the rice was also cold.

  2. U know what, good 'ol selayang also got Hj Samuri. Represent!!!!


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