Monday, January 11, 2010

TauFu Hua, Taman Eng Ann Klang

Now most of you would have figured out by now that I am CRAZY over Klang Bak Kut Teh. Well this is not an entry on BKT unfortunately, but rather on what I normally have after a nice BKT breakfast in Klang on Sunday mornings. Yes, I visit the Taufu Hua uncle in Taman Eng Ann everytime I have Sunday morning BKT.

This particular Taufu Hua stall in located along the Pasar Pagi stretch in Taman Eng Ann every Sunday mornings. His taufu hua would certainly be one of the best in town; silky, flavorful & CHEAP! Only RM1.80 per serving...who says you cant get cheap good food anymore these days?

From my conversations with the uncle, he only selects organic soya beans to make his taufu hua, which is why they are extra yummy & flavourful, and also without the floury taste. Oh and did I mention that this guy adds gula melaka into his taufu hua upon request? Wonderful right?

Uncle sells soya milk & herbal jelly as well. The soya milk is something you must try everytime you are here. Filled with the natural fragrance of soya beans, this is the perfect protein shake and cheaop too, just RM2 per bottle. Dont play play eh...

Besides, where to find a friendly face like this nowadays?

Oh did I mention he uses the traditional wooden barrel to transport the goods? Old school sia...reminds me of my childhood whenever I visit him...not long ago ofcoz hahaha

Damn nice this taufu hua stall...perfect for morning tea or just chill with a friend or two...

Heres a map of the pasar pagi where the stall in located for you. Just along Jalan Kawasari 4 in the Eng Ann town centre, you cant miss it. His stall should be fairly easy to find as he is the only one selling taufu hua there. No tel provided ofcoz.

Taufu Hua @ Pasar Pagi Eng Ann
Jalan Kawasari 4
Taman Eng Ann, Klang

Opening Hours:
8am - 12pm Everyday Sunday

Doggyjamessays...A wonderful secret in Klang, if you love taufu hua, soya milk or herbal jelly, this is one place you simply cannot afford to miss.

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