Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chinese New Year FOOD!!! :D

Happy Chinese New Year dear readers :D

CNY is definitely one of my most anticipated holidays of the year.Not only because of the super-uber delish food, seemingly unlimited supply of beer, great "open table" sessions and the pocket full of ang-paos, but more importantly this time a time where everyone of the families are united under one roof, as most of my relatives are scattered all around the world. This is when we get to sit down and have a good meal together. Really, whats better than that?

And speaking of sitting down and have a good meal, this is what I had over at both my grandparents side...Nothing beats granny's cooking :D This is one of the few occasions in the year where granny gets a great chance to go full swing into her extraordinary cooking skills and stuff all her labour of love down our throats and boy, do they look and taste absolutely wonderful!

This spread of yummy goodness is taken from my maternal grandparents side, which includes steamed kampung chicken, fried prawns (fresh and bountiful :D ), sea asparagus with vegetables, roasted duck and sea cucumber pork hock stew (yummy yummy yummy). Best meal of the year? without a doubt ;)

And from the paternal grandparents side, more like a potluck and all granny's work (there are over 30 of us over this side, granny would faint happily if she were to cook for ALL of us). Nonetheless still awesomely terrific and of course, super uber yummilicious :D

And also mum's buy-everything-from-outside-preferably-with-plastic-containers-so-no-washing-required-and-mum-can-rest concept. Not what I love what hey, what the heck. Times are always great with food and family around :)

OK now, time to hit the gym after the past few days of constant glutinous intake :/



Doggyjames says...With all the posh and famous restaurant I visited throughout the years, nothing beats simple home cooked meals with family and friends, that, for me IS the ultimate cuisine :)

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