Monday, February 22, 2010

Seremban Siew Pao & Seafood, Era Square

Ever since I started working, driving down to Johor via NSE has been a norm for me. I would normally drive down at least once every 2 months and every time I drive past the Seremban toll plaza, I always notice Seremban's famous Siew Pao City or Era Square. Few weeks ago on the way back from Port Dickson, I finally had a chance to go in and have a look see around.

This place is relatively easy to find, and is mainly divided into 2 sections once you entered the building. One section selling Siew Pao or roasted buns and the other selling seafood for hungry passer-bys. Pork and crabs under one rook, Doggyjames very very happy :D

I got some paos and sat down for some seafood goodness. Me and a bunch of friends decided to get the steamed Kirin Prawns & crabs with salted eggs.

Kirin prawns are rather unique creatures as they do not have the infamous "black guts" along their backs like other prawns do. Just a sharp clean taste that would leave your mouth filled with the smell of the ocean. Simply light yet flavorful. Strangely enough you might find traces of fresh blood inside the prawn head which taste unpleasantly iron-ny. Deep the prawns into the soy sauce provided to get rid of the taste should that happens.

The crab with salted eggs were wonderful. The shells were fried till a crisp brown and after mixing in the salted eggs, you could bite into the shells and devour them just like light prawn crackers. OK I was over-exaggerating but you get the point right? The white meat inside were wonderfully flavours with just a hint of saltiness from the eggs and smells really great, courtesy of the eggs too.

Seafood was really good, and the bills came to around RM80 for 4 person with tea. Its good, but somehow I prefer the seafood prepared in KL, dunno why.

Next, the siew paos.

I bought some traditional pork siew paos and some rather interesting durian tarts home. Not one with patience I immediately stuffed a siew pao into my mouth the minutes I reached home. F-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-freaking wonderful!!! Underneath the light, crispy skins lies the most-awesome-smelling (I know its not a word don't care) meat ever! Its cold yet the smells absolutely amazing...I could have just fainted right there and then. 30 seconds in the oven and this little baby would immediately send you to 7th heaven. I just got back BTW :D

As for the durian can ignore them. Too sweet and not much hint of durian also...bluff people one.

The siewpaos cost RM1.20 per piece, same goes with the tarts. The best RM1.20 you'll ever spend.

Here's a map and details for you readers. If you are coming down from KL, the place is right on your right. Just go to the next toll plaza and follow the signage. Roughly 5 minutes from the toll plaza only.

Tasti East (M) SDN BHD
No.26 Jalan Era Square,
Era Square Seremban.

Tel: 06-7687 385/387

Doggyjames says...The siew paos are to die for...and the seafood restaurant offer tired drivers a place to chill out, take a rest and enjoy a satisfying meal...would definitely be back very soon :)


  1. Agreed on the Siew Pau part. Best RM1.20 you can spend.

  2. Thanks..found the place..but according to google map on my phone, your map a bit wrong XD


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