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Maria's Cafe, Damansara Perdana

Homecooked style western food in Damansara Perdana? You too rich ah? Some might have this mentality when they think about having a nice, quiet western meal in Damansara Perdana. Yes the overpriced real estates and the hundreds of Datuks, Datins, Tan Sris, Tengkus etc staying there might lead one to think that way. But the reality is that you can still enjoy a nice western meal without crying after seeing your credit card statement come month end.

I am of course, talking about Maria's cafe located at Metropolitan Square, Damansara Perdana. This humble little restaurant has been in the area for quite a number of years now, and has attracted fans from all over the Klang Valley. Today is my first time there, lets see if they could convert me.

The interior is well lit making this a very welcoming place indeed. Me and a bunch of friends reached about 8pm so the place is almost empty and we were practically their last customers. I love their European style table setting, adds such a nice homely feel to the place indeed. The smoking area is separated from the main dining area, making this a very suitable and comfortable for smokers and non smokers alike.

We ordered the mussles with pasta sauce for starters. Mussles taste good, but we all know its not fresh because we are in Malaysia. The sauce taste just like how tomato based pasta sauce are supposed to taste. Light yet flavourful, sweet yet tangy. The perfect way to start of the day's dinner.

Friend A had just removed her wisdom tooth and was restrained to just liquid food for the WEEK. Poor thing. She had opted for the oxtail soup instead of some really tasty looking main dishes on the menu. The outcome? One of the most tasty, sophisticated oxtail soups you will ever taste. A really powerful statement from the kitchen signalling their passion for traditional western cuisine. Every spoonful was delightfully filled with the taste of beef and fresh herbs. Simply Amazing.

Friend B ordered the roast beef. One bite of the meat fills your head with the natural aroma of a good quality piece of beef, as not much herbs were used besides the sauce the slice of beef were able to retain its natural and original taste. Could do with more cooking time to make it more tender though. Nonetheless, still a very well executed dish.

Friend C opted for the lamb cutlets. A very good choice indeed. The lamb was marinated very well to get rid of any traces of the dreaded "lamb smell". Well for me theres no point in eating lamb which does not have the flavour of lamb, but most people prefer it that way. In that sense, Maria's had done a brilliant job. Aluminum foils were added to the cutlets for a firm grip without getting your hands dirty.

Doggyjames in the other hand, opted for the daily special: lamb shank. Yupz, the biggest dish for the biggest boy at the table :D

It was a monster when it arrived. Covered in a nice homemade gravy with loads of vegetables on the side, the shank itself easily took up more than half of the plate. And mind you, it was a pretty big plate it was. It was done so fantastically the meat slides off the bone with just a gentle touch of the fork. The meat itself was superbly moist and tender, and oh yes, it still had a hint of the ever unpleasant smell of lamb I loved so much. The homemade gravy compliments the meat really well, just like a match made in heaven. Needless to say, I cleaned up the whole plate, gravy and all.

We decided to end our meal with a sumptous display of desserts. The guys had the moist choclate cake, which comes with a scoop of Movenpick ice cream and the girls had the ice cream only. Take about guilty pleasures! The chocolate cake of warm, moist and soooooooooooo damn chocolat-y...paired with the ice, simply creates an orgasmatic explotion in you mouth (stop laughing). A really awesome ending to such an incredible meal.

Prizes here are not as steep as one would think. The mains are mostly well below RM50 and entrees are a mere RM20 and below. The desserts are RM10 and below (yes, even the orgasmatic chocolate cake). Cost less than RM120 for the 4 of us :)

Heres a map and details for you readers. If you are coming from LDP, turn into the junction with Damansara Perdana signage. Go straight and you will find Metropolitan Square on your right, the building with a Citibank in front. Maria's is located on the 1st floor and is really easy to spot if you do not miss the Citibank sign and insist you are on the right way driving all the way into Damansara Perdana, got lost and then decide to drive around in circles for a full 30 minutes still insisting you are right like I did.

Mari's Cafe Damansara Perdana
C313A, Center Wing, Metropolitan Square
No.2, Jalan PJU8/1,
Bandar Damansara Perdana, Selangor

Tel: 03-7725 2313

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Doggyjamessays...Definitely one of the best western restaurants in town. Besides the awesomeness and yummilicious food, I love their environment there. So nice, cosy and its like eating at your own dining room. Will be going there very very often :)

Oh, and this entry is specially dedicated to friend A a.k.a. TofuPok (seen here trying frantically to eat her soup with a fork) who flew to the UK for her masters the very next day. All the best for you and cant wait for u to return! :)

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