Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Restoran Well Cook Gourmet, Subang Jaya

I love laksa. The aromatic spices, smooth creamy coconut milk, chewy noodles...really one of the best Malaysian inventions of all time. I am also crazily in love with another unique Malaysian culinary creation, the awesomely aromatic char kuey teow which I absolutely must have everytime I am in Penang. I guess the boss of Well Cook Gourmet in Subang Jaya loves these 2 great food items too, hence the creation of - fried laksa.


Yup, you heard me right, fried laksa. I was introduced to this unique dish a couple of weeks ago by a friend who absolutely insisted that we try this dish. Filled with curiosity and loads of expectations, A whole bunch of us decided to visit this place on a fine sunny afternoon.

Located right opposite ss15, The restaurant was well filled up even at 3pm! This is certainly looking promising for me. Besides fried laksa, they do offer quite a variety of different dishes. Though they looked really good on the menu, I was there for one reason and one reason only, the fried laksa.

We sat down, placed out orders and got some drinks to start things off. I ordered the iced lime barley, perfect for a hot sunny afternoon. Then we wait and wait and wait...alamak so long!!!

Finally after 30 minutes, our plates of fried laksa arrived. And oh my did it smell good! If there is a hybrid food, this must absolutely be one of them. The already great smell of laksa (actually now that I think of it, more like asam laksa without the little pieces of mackerel), fried with some lean, mean wok hei is absolutely personifying. Just a sniff and my mouth was filled with a pool of saliva. looks and smells awesome!!!

After witnessing and smelling this awesome dish, I was able to control myself, stopping myself from devouring the whole plate, chopsticks and all just like that. Slowly, I squeezed some lime juice over the dish and mix them around...

And then I took a bite. I was lost for words. simply...freakin...AWESOME!!!Talk about an unforgettable experience this IS one thing everyone should and absolutely MUST try!!! spiciness, sourness, great taste, awesome smell everything and I do mean everything is well package in this simple looking dish. Doggyjames has found his most-test favorite dish of all time (until now at least).

nom nom nom

1 plate of fried laksa would cost you RM5.50, really cheap for an unforgettable experience. A MUST TRY.

Here's a map for you readers. The restaurant is located right across ss15 where Taylors & Inti college are located, same row as Esso petrol station in ss14, facing the main road. Really easy to locate.

Restoran Well Cook Gourmet
74, Jalan ss14/2
Subang Jaya.

Operating Hours:
12pm - 9pm

doggyjames says...this little doggie is absolutely in love with fried laksa here. a must try. absolutely.


  1. Ehem... Apparently, the main Indonesian gal was on leave that day, so that's why things were running a bit slow.

    Usually service there is quite fast

  2. The food looks good, but the jersey in the photo kinda spoil it a bit.

  3. Is it the jersey or the man behind it?

  4. awesome fried laksa! try liao!


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