Saturday, April 23, 2011

Coffee Chemistry, Sunway Giza Damansara

Coffee coffee coffee, I cant seem to have enough of them. I would really consume almost any type of fresh coffee, be it from starbucks, a boutique cafe or even from the fridges of 7-11 (no instant coffee lah of course). And with the emergence of cafes and coffee houses around town, the choices are simply mind blowing. But yet, I have noticed that most of these places do not really serve good quality food, which is really a turn off for me most of the times. Yet a couple of weeks ago I believed I have found a place which settles this problem once and for all:

Coffee Chemistry at Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara.

This special little cafe is quite hidden in Sunway Giza. It is actually on top of Movida bar, hidden in a HTC shop and WITHOUT a signboard! talk about privacy huh?

Well despite its secretive location, Coffee Culture actually has a really spacious and relaxing interior. The fact that it shares a shoplot with a handphone shop/training room really just adds a touch of uniqueness to the place, in the most positive manner possible. The simple yet elegant design speaks for itself :)

My and my friends sat down and order our lunch (which turned into tea and almost dinner). The coffees here are incredibly fantastic. Personally I like a little bit of acidity in my coffee, but this acid-less coffee is fine by me! Really went down smooth whilst retaining all of its coffee richness. And little artistic touches on the coffee makes for a great visual effect, as they say presentation is one-third of the battle. Plus, this would make a conversation starter for first time daters :)

Oh and they serve alcohol free flavored beer here as well.

And on comes the food. This is when the supposed light lunch turned into an ala carte buffet haha. First to come is the Chicken Mesclun, which is I suppose a healthier version of a caeser salad, with grilled chicken and simple vinaigrette. This for me is a really good starter salad, with the contrast of crisp & fresh greens and warm tender chicken slices brought together by the simple vinaigrette. Great start to the feast.

Next was CCC's Specialty Fritata, an oven baked egg omelet topped with beef bacon. The egg was soft & warm, and really went perfectly with the bacon and tomato salsa.

And then comes the mains. I had CCC's home made beef puff pie, which I reckon is one of the best pies in town. The pastry was crispy and fully of layers, exactly how a real pastry pie is supposed to be. The meat inside was tender and very very flavorful. One of the best? Certified! and at RM 8.50, I would really have this same dish 10 times in one sitting, its THAT good.

The Turkish Pizza here is quite good as well. My friend had the Beef Goddess version because she reckons she's a goddess who loves beef....erm okay...This tasted really good with the beef really tender and well marinated, and the crispy crust adds a while new dimension to the dish. I could do with a more flavourful tomato base, other than that it's fine.

And just to finish things off, we decided to have the Smoked Salmon Handroll with Pita Bread.

With coffee starting averaging at RM 8 and meals reasonably prices at RM 8 - RM 20, this place is a really nice little honest cafe offering great drinks and food prepared with the greatest care.

Here's a map for you readers. Coffee Chemistry is located on top of Movida bar, just look for the staircase next to the bar and don't be surprised by the amount of HTC banners around.

Coffee Chemistry
C-3A-1, Sunway Giza Mall,
Kota Damansara, Selangor

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thurs: 10am - 10pm
Fri - Sun: 10am - 11pm

Facebook Page

doggyjames says...another great little cafe where we can simply sit down and enjoy a quiet meal and some great coffee. 5 paws up for CCC!


  1. just drop by since i saw your blogsite being published at CCC facebook page.

    truly admit their coffee is smooth and not bitter. I tried their smoked salmon wrap and mushroom soup, really one of the best.

  2. great recommandation. its actually is tortilla flour wrap for the salmon. A popular tradition Mexican wrap invented in 1519 by spanish in Mexico.

  3. thanks for the clarification Wye Lok!

    and yes agreed their coffe is the bomb!


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