Monday, April 4, 2011

Jaya Grocer, Empire Shopping Centre

Ever since Empire Shopping Centre opened not so long ago in Subang, it has become one of my favorite places here in town. And one of the reasons is the presence of Jaya Grocer in Empire, which boast a selection of premium products not found anywhere else in Malaysia. Simple things like cheese, crackers, premium beers to prime cuts of meat, rare shellfish and even wagyu beef!

And yet as if there isn't enough reasons to visit this great place, they even have 2 inhouse restaurant here, namely elfresco, a Western eatery and another Japanese cafe. The concept is pretty fab as well, you basically choose your cut of meat/seafood/anything else from the supermarket, and bring them to any of these 2 restaurants for the chefs to cook them! The chefs are all very professional locals who really takes pride in cooking, something seemingly lacking the local cuisine scene lately.

So one day me and some friends were having tea in Empire and we decided to have dinner there as well. And we decided on Jaya Grocer since some of us have not experience the whole "choose your own meat" concept. And while we were making our rounds around the supermarket, I stumbled upon this:

Mackerel Fish Roes!!!

In truth I have not seen this delicacy lying around any supermarket nor fish market in Malaysia, and all of us decided to share this great find right on the spot! We went to the Japanese side of the cafe and let them cook this great dish for us, leaving the cooking style completely to the chef.

15 minutes later, our freshly cooked fish roe with ginger sauce and a side of crisp salad was ready, and boy did it smell good!

Fresh fish roe is always one of the best tasting dishes ever. The interesting silky texture of the outer membrane blended perfectly with the (pun intended) ballsy texture of the roe itself. Really has the essence and aroma of the sea and the ginger sauce really gives this dish a nice kick. It you have never tried fish roe before, I recommend that you try it here first. Not only because its cooked really well here, but you will get to see how fresh fish roe looks like, which is really important to me.

Its soooooooo good, even the hot babes approve!

At RM15, I believe this is one of the cheapest fish roes I have ever had. A similar dish in Aussieland would easily set you back around AU$ 20 at any average seaside cafes.

The cafes inside Jaya Grocer operates on a really simple process. Basically choose your meat or seafood, bring them to the Western or Japanese side of the cafe and they will cook your pick for an extra RM8 - RM14 depending on the sides. My steak with roasted vegetables normally cost under RM40 and if you've just gotten your pay, I would recommend the wagyu beef. Best RM100 investment you will ever made, trust me :)

Heres a map for you readers. Jaya Grocer is located at the LG floor of Empire Subang, really hard to miss.

Opening Hours:
Everyday, 10am - 9pm ( as per Empire Subang)

doggyjames says...a great place to even just hang around, you will be surprised at random treasures hidden here :0

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  1. Actually depend whether Mackerel roe in season you will get from fishmonger who get fresh fish from sea. If you add salt and Turmeric it taste as fresh and sweet.


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