Sunday, May 29, 2011

Soong Kee Beef Ball Noodles, Majid Jamek Kuala Lumpur

Ever since I have moved on to my new job located near Masjid Jamek, I have found that the area is a hidden haven for great food offering from the different cultures Malaysia has to offer. And one of the places that I am becoming a regular customer to is this place, Soong Kee along Jalan Silang, which offers a great meal of beef noodles, perfect comfort food for lunch :)

Located along Jalan Silang, near to the big golden building beside Majid Jamek itself, Soong Kee has been in operation for 3 generations already from what I heard from my new colleagues. With that kind of experience, you know that quality comes naturally.

Meals here are quite simple, you get to order wantan mee-like noodles (which I believe is actually egg noodles) or loushu fun, a type of thick yet short noodles popular in KL dry or in soup. Minced meat with gravy is added to dry noodles, served with beef balls in beef broth.

After getting a call one day from a friend working in Shah Alam (snake), I decided to gather up another friend who works nearby for lunch at this place. We reached the restaurant around 2pm, which is located less than 5 minutes to my office and braced ourselves for the great lunch ahead. I ordered mine dry with extra tribe as usual and less than 10 minutes later, our noodles arrived.

The noodles, which comes with minced beef, was springy and you can certainly taste its home made authentic-ness. A faint scent of eggs was present and the minced beef with its awesome gravy definitely adds some much welcomes kick-ass-ness into the whole noodling experience. I usually add some broth into my noodles before mixing them up together, which I think helped mix the great tasting-ness together even better.

The beef balls & tribe in clear broth were superbly awesome as well. Contrary to the usual rich broth we are so accustomed to in beef noodles, they serve clear broth here. Just nice I reckon after the rich minced beef and noodles. The clear broth also makes way for the beef balls and tribe to truly present their beefy taste for diners, which can be accentuated with Soong Kee's great chili sauce. the beef balls are really bouncy and full of great beefy taste, and the tribes were cleaned really well, and really fresh as well.

Needless to say, the meal was really satisfying. A nice thing about Soong Kee is it is air conditioned, a welcomed environment for them hot afternoons, which is always full during weekday lunch hours. The cooking station is located at the back, and is open for all to see. I was too occupied with small chats but anyone is welcomed to take a closer look at how their food is being prepared and to snap some pictures. The station is unusually clean for an old restaurant as well, so it should be no problem for you clean freaks out there :D

Pricing are as the below picture. Quite affordable for a meal in KL and comes with aircond!

Here's a map for you readers. Parking is almost impossible here so it's advised that you park illegally (but park smartly, so you wont piss off everyone else) or just that the LRT!if you are coming from Masjid Jamek LRT station, look for a big golden building (Wisma Hamzah Kwong Hing) beside Menara HSBC. Soong Kee is just around the corner from the big golden building.

Soong Kee Beef Noodles
3 Jalan Silang off Jalan Tun Siew Sin
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2078 1484

Opening Hours:
11am - 12am

doggyjames says...a really great tasting yet affordable in the heart of KL, perfect salaryman lunch food :)


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  2. Restoran Soong Kee is a nice restaurant and thanks for your great review on the beef ball & noodle. May comment here


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