Monday, May 30, 2011

Suntory Yamazaki 12 Years Single Malt Whiskey

I consider myself a whisky person and when it comes to whiskys, there nothing better than a good old single malt scotch or even a nice Kentucky bourbon for me with just 3 ice cubes or 1 ice ball. And when I heard of the existence for Japanese single malts I almost laughed myself silly, that's before I had the chance to try one a couple of years ago with a Japanese friend. Ever since then, I was hooked on Yamazakis.

I recently had the chance to taste the whisky again in a nearby bar with a few friends, well more like me paying for the whisky to honour our friendship in this bar which recently started serving Yamazaki whisky.

According to Wikipedia, Yamazaki was first made by Shinjiro Torii, considered to be the father of Japanese whisky. He built the first malt whisky distillery in the ancient city of Kyoto in order to utilize its pure waters, diversity of climate and high humidity - the ideal environment for the maturation of good whisky. The distillery is the first of its kind outside Scotland and I could only imagine the taste being at least on par with those of the Scots considering the attention given by Japanese distillers.

On the nose, you will find a very pleasant honey and butterish aroma which is almost powerful to some. I like the smoothness when one smells into it and trust me, the aromas would beat any mixed whisky hands down (think Chivas & Mr. Walker). Just like scotch, there are only 3 ways of drinking: straight, on the rocks and with water & ice. I prefer to have mine on the rocks with 3 pcs of ice cubes or 1 ice balls when possible, as I find this compliments the taste the best.

On the lips, this whisky has a very pleasent mellow taste, not too dry with some distinct flowery and honey scent. The taste lingers in your mouth after you drank it, with some woody taste present as well. Pair this with a medium bodied cigar or light cigarette if you must, a heavier tobacco taste would effect the taste of this whisky in my opinion. Food wise, this would go very well with white meat or seafood. I would pair mine with a nice pork chop or even fish & chips :D

Will be trying the 18 years old next when I get a chance to. From what I heard and dug up from blogs, the 30 years is a must try for any whisky lover, definitely in my die die my try list!

For more information, please go here

Doggyjames tried Suntory Yamazaki here , but you can get Yamazaki at almost any good whiskey bars in KL.

Doggyjames says....a very good whisky, considering it's not even from Scotland. A must try for any whisky lovers out there!

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