Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bloggers MasterChef Malaysia 2011 FINALS Notice

After a week or 2 of nervous waiting and check my emails at least 3 times a day (new record for me, normally its 3 days 1 time), the venue and details for Bloggers MasterChef Finals were revealed.

Date: 15th October 2011

Time: 12.30pm

Venue: SACC Mall, Shah Alam (click for location map)

I do hope you peeps will drop by and support me, especially after I've seen what all the other contestants can do with their culinary skills....ITS GONNA BE A TOUGH FIGHT!

Also, I belive if you (hot chicks only, please no mankinis) dress in cheerleader outfits and scream out my name I'd perform even better, or get a heart attack from all the excitement, whichever comes first.

These will be the 10 finalist who will be gunning for the title of Malaysia's First Blogger Masterchefs, all of them really great cooks from what I experienced!

And their blogs:

  1. Zamimie ~
  2. Wawa ~
  3. Falihin Jasmy~
  4. James ~
  5. Yatie Sawanila~
  6. Baby Sumo ~
  7. Strawberi ~
  8. Jejai ~
  9. Wendy ~
  10. Erna Malia ~
(details credited to Falih, another great cook who I place at the hot favorites to win this thing)

I will be donning my lucky Blue Malaysian jersey for the finals, so if you like me to win, do come in BLUE to show your support :)

See you at SACC Mall, 15th October 2011 12.30pm!

doggyjames says....lets do this KAMOOOOONNNN!!!!!!!


  1. James,
    We should be there at 1145am. There are 2 emails, one is for finalist and the other, a general one for all those who participated in the semis. The one for finalists only states 1145am.
    See you there.

  2. Will u be going to scout the area the day before?

  3. thanks strawberry :)

    Thanks Wendy for the headsup!

    Nola I wont scout, been there before for work. there are a lot of yummy places around though imma scout at those places lol

  4. cheh.. I tot you;d go and see what did they set up,

  5. Thanks for sharing this! See you on Sat!

  6. Heee....harap masin la mulut you james.,...btw..good luck ye nanti :)


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