Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ireland's potato, Sunway Pyramid

I have to admit at times it's not really easy to find a decent snack whenever you are in a mall. Sure you get the usual fast food outlets and thousands of different restaurants but most of them do not offer any decent snacks.

Along came Ireland's Potato, and it has fast become my go-to place for a snack whenever I am in Midvalley or Sunway Pyramid, especially before a movie....surely its better than overpriced popcorns and coke!

I was there again with a friend for our movies and of course, Ireland's Potato was our pre-movies snack. We decided to go for simple potato chips with 2 different sauces, my favorite Pickle Mayonnaise(RM8.80) and Special Cheddar Cheese (RM11.80).

The pickle mayonnaise was light with a tingling sense, which you'd get from really nice pickles. If you are one of them who likes chips with mayo, this would be an elevation of satisfaction in terms of taste. Simple yet amazing.

The special cheddar cheese was sinfully tasty. Fragrant cheddar was heated up to perfection and has that really nice pulling effect when you bite into the sauce. Imagine this with beer, truly bliss.

They of course offer more than just chips and sauces. Do give a go at their potato skins, one of the best skins for me in Malaysia. And I have heard good reviews for their chicken balls as well.

Ireland's Potato have several outlets around town, the one in Sunway Pyramid is located right outside the entrance of GSC cinema, no way you'd miss it.
Ireland's Potato, Sunway Pyramid
F1.MZN.02, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
No 3 Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,

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doggyjames says....I believe this place would be the place to go to for most who has the hots for potatoes, finally a place who place potatoes on the grand stage :)

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