Tuesday, November 8, 2011

JJ Cakes & Swiss Rolls, Ipoh

Got a whatsapp message from a friend one fine afternoon asking me if I wanted any swiss rolls from his hometown of Ipoh, and my immediate reaction was huh??????? Think Ipoh and I bet you wouldn't even think of swiss rolls right? The friend however was quite persistent and I decided to get a couple of swiss rolls from this place which he so highly recommends.

Boy was that the best decision ever. Luckily I made him took pictures for the blog as well. heh.

I got 2 rolls, one cempedak and one durian (RM12 per roll). The whole car was filled with them lovely durian and cempedak scent on my way home after grabbing the swiss rolls from him. Did not expect this to happen...and I actually sped home to enjoy the swiss rolls.

The swiss rolls were oh so fragrant, the whole house was litterally filled with the wonderful fragrance of cempedak and durian the memont I stepped home.

Both rolls were fluffy and soft, just the right texture for a really good swiss roll. The fillings were the stars however. Generous with the filling, jam packed with bits of cempedak & durian and the fragrance would still linger in my mouth even after a strong cup of coffee. Oh God, One bite sent me to Swiss Roll heaven....

These are the images of the shop in Ipoh, Never been there before but I could imagine the place filled with hungry customers!

With so many fancy cakeshops in KL, this place would do more than hold their grown with their swiss rolls i reckon. And with RM12 a roll, I reckon the price is quite alright, especially with so many other flavours to choose from according to the friend :D

Here's a map of the place for you readers, I hope it's the correct one though.

JJ Cakes & Swiss Roll, Ipoh
36, Jalan Chung Thye Phin,

Tel: 05-241 5796

Operation Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 9am - 9pm
Sunday: 9am - 8pm



doggyjames says...If you are visiting Ipoh, remember to visit this place, too good to miss!

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  1. Hehehe, all this thanks to Eric's complain about the free "swollen rolls" he gave to his clients. Glad you like 'em.


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