Sunday, November 20, 2011

Park Village Restaurant, Klang

My family always had the tradition of having Sunday dinner in Klang along with my grandparents and seriously there are too many good dinner spots in Klang, but I could do without the crowds and limited parking spaces. Which is why Park Village, situated in a quiet spot in Taman Intan Klang has been one of our favorite dinner spots. It is peaceful, homely and being the only restaurant in the row of offices there, has lots of parking spaces during the weekends.

One soup we would always order is their version of Lala in Superior Stock. This soup is not the usual ones you get around the country, it has a generous serving of medicinal herbs in it and taste more like a medicinal soup than your usual Lala Soup.A perfect way to start off any meal.

A famous dish here is the Hokkien Noodles (RM 8 for 2 person). The serving was generous enough and there is more than enough Wok Hei or heat when they prepare the noodles, making it really aromatic and flavorful. Oh and pork lard were aplenty too, keeping to the Klang standards of oily yet yummy good. Heh.

The Curry Lamb (RM 16) is a hit too. This is more like a Chinese style curry for you who know how how chinese style curry is like, its not as flavorful as Indian style ones but still packs a punch, yet subtle enough so you won't sweat like a dog, or in this case sweat like doggyjames. woof.

For vegetarians, do try their Vegetarian Dish, direct translation: Buddha's Aroma (RM18). It's actually a stir fry of seasonal vegetables, tofu and beancurd skins (fuchuk). Really flavorful despite the lack of meat and other flavour enhancers. My vegetarian grandma's favorite this one.

Something of a house specialty here, the Claypot Duck (RM18) is a must try. The duck meat is first fried to give the skin a crispy texture, then braised in a claypot with bean paste and spring onions to add in some extra aroma.

German Pork Knuckles (RM42) is served here too. Crispy skin, flavorful and tender meat, all the criteria for a good pork knuckle!

Park Village is definitely a place which offers really good food with great value. Do ask the servers for the chef's specials and you may find yourself unearthing one gem after another!

Here's a map for you readers. The restaurant is quite hidden just if you can find your way to Jalan Batai Laut 3, near Taman Rashna Primary School, you'll have no problem finding the place.

Park Village Restaurant, Klang
No.62 Jalan Batai Laut 3,
Taman Intan Klang, Selangor.

Tel: 03-3343 5953/3560

HP: 013-390 2500 (Ms Goh/Mr Chan)

doggyjames says...a great undiscovered dinner spot in Klang, truly worth trying.

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