Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sumi-Ka Yakitori Restaurant, SS15

SS15 is slowly known to the general public as a hidden haven for authentic Japanese cuisine. With so many Japanese expats and retirees setting up shops in the area, dozens of Japanese restaurants would give any dedicated foodie a tough time choosing a place for a good meal. Sumi-Ka is one of such places, which serves real good authentic Japanese yakitori or barbeque skewers.

Sumi-ka has that old time traditional Japanese yakitori shack feel, if you've been to Japan or even watched any travel shows showing traditional Japanese cuisines. The place is small with limited seatings, so telephone booking is a must if you want to have a meal there with a few friends in any given day. Any like any decent Japanese restaurant, there is a large selection of Japanese sake, shoju and cold local and imported Japanese beer.

Me and my bunch of food loving friends reserved a place by the open kitchen, where one would have a great view of cooking action live from the boss himself, Ota-san The place is really energetic, with screams of welcoming to guest and energetic cries from the kitchen whenever an order is made/food is served.

It is best to order food directly through the waiters without looking at the menu, just ask the waiter whats the special of the day and he/she would recommend what cuts of meat or vege you should have. Unlike most modern establishments, the waiters here are all locals who speak perfect Japanese and would make the best recommendations for you.

We started off with Miso Soup and Baked Onigiri. The soup was really flavourful and remember to tell the waiter how thick you like your soup to be, I had mine extra thick. The baked onigiri was done really well, on par with those sold in Japan.

Then came the army of beef skewers. The different cuts and marinated bits of beef were all very very good. The meat was flavorful and tender, the marinates done just right and if you are lucky, they would have beef tendons in stock which I absolutely adore. The must have however, would be the miso marinated beef ribs. These are slightly more expensive than the other items but trust me, you would remember the experience for life.

The pork belly here is a must have too. fatty, aromatic with a nice portion of lean meat on it, the taste is simply magnificent. We tried the bacon wrapped garlics and pork & fish eggs which was sublime as well.

Another interesting dish here is the chicken soft bones. chewy, full of roasted chicken flavours and perfect with the in house chili powder.

Pigeon eggs, prawns and ginko nuts were great too. Simply seasoned with imported Japanese salt, the taste was simply amazing.

Dinner was completed with a serving of caramel pudding. I was on a no dessert diet yet it looked so amazingly simple and yummy. The comments were great! Not too sweet with just the right amount of caramel.

Each skewer would set you back RM4-7 depending on what you order. The beef are pricier from RM9 and above. Do ask for the daily chef's specials as well. Be careful on the amount though as a meal would be really expensive. We spent about RM80 per person there without any alcohol.

Here's a map and details of the place for you readers. Sumi-Ka is located along Jalan ss15/4, right above a laundry shop. Parking's a bitch but its worth looking for one :D

Sumi-Ka Yakitori Japanese Restaurant, ss15
19, 1st Floor, Jalan ss15/4
Subang Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03-5632 9312

Opening Hours:
Dinner only, 6pm - 12pm

doggyjames says...simply delicious. Limited seats yet if you do get a seat, prepare for a culinary multiple orgasm.

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