Monday, January 16, 2012

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid

So T-Bowl Restaurant, which I guess borrows its name and idea from Modern Toilet has landed in Malaysia a few months back. Being a great lover of funny ideas, I have always wanted to try the food there ever since I heard the news and finally, after almost a year of waiting, me and a friend finally got there for a pre-movie lunch one fine afternoon.

One would immediately be attracted by the restaurant's funky designs, mainly using toilets and bathroom equipments and its bright colours. It was a really nice change in terms of ambiance for me from the usual brown wooden walls and white concrete floors. Even the seats were made from (I hope not used) toilet bowls, funny would be the least of my thoughts, haha.

Heck, even the menu has a toothbrush!

We started the meal with drinks first, Mango Yogurt Shake (RM6.90) and White Coffee with Grass Jelly (6.90). Taste-wise they are alright, much like what you'd get in one of them HongKong theme cafes like Kim Garry.

I ordered the Cheese Baked Rice (RM14.90) which has braised pork belly, minced pork, chicken floss and half a stewed eggs on top of white rice. The meal was served in a potty but seriously, I did not laugh. The presentation looks a little too...normal for me. Tastewise its OK by best, I had better braised pork. The cheese lacked taste as well.

My lunchdate ordered the Chicken Chop Rice, which comes with an odd piece of scallop on the shell. No toilet bowl this time, just a plate shaped like a toilet bowl lid. The chicken was tasteless to be honest, and the fried rice lack any taste as well. A total disappointment.

The only thing good we had here was the ice cream. The ice cream itself is thick and really flavourful, while the generous amount of fruits were fresh and tasty.

Satisfied? Yes with the deco and ice cream, food were really disappointing.

T-Bowl is located in the new wing of Sunway Pyramid, next to TGIF and Ninja Joe, near the Nike concept store. You dont really need a map and address to Pyramid, do you?

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant (Sunway Pyramid)
Lot 1F-96-97, First Floor,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 016-8086661

doggyjaames says...great deco, less than average food.

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