Friday, April 5, 2013

Sights & Sounds of Yangon - part 1

One of my favorite hobbies in Yangon is to take a walk around town with my trusty camera, and try to get a picture of how the "normal people" live their lives during the weekends. Downtown Yangon is probably my favorite part of town, as the toilets there are cleaner most amenities one would expect would be there.

Blending into the crowd, I would be easily be looked as a local guy if not for my stupid-ness in learning the local language tourist-sy clothing and pose. No matter what one would say about this beautiful city, I still feel as if it is my first day in town, discovering something new every time I take a walk be it a new restaurant, teahouse, temple or just the great energy locals have here.

typical street scenes in town

The market in downtown is truly something every tourist must experience. Although the vendors are selling similiar items compared to ones in Malaysia, the vibe is just amazingly different. One of my favorite spots to get fresh seafood, even the auntie knows me now and what is my usual! Fresh giant prawns for less than USD1 a piece anyone?

fruits everywhere!

the auntie

mandarin orange season

lap cheong everywhere!

What I find serene about this place is the picture below. These uncles just chilling around playing chess, without a care in the world.

relax bro!

While I would not say I want to stay here for the rest of my lives, it is a good break from the hustle & bustle of a major Asian metropolitan city.  Walking around town, chilling in a local teahouse with a local cigarette and a hot bowl of mohinga, there is nothing I want more for day out in town.

More pictures coming soon, nawt hma twayt mal!

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  1. Hi!
    Where is the wet market located at? Which street? Does the auntie understand English? or you just gesture and point your way around? :)


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