Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Noodles, Yangon

I have been living on a diet mostly made out of rice and expensive western food since arriving in Yangon and when a friend recommended Happy Noodles, apparently a nice noodle house with beautiful settings and reasonably priced dishes, I was more than happy confirm a date right on the spot: same day, lunch time.

Like most establishments in Yangon, be it local or foreign owned, the place is quite a challenge to find. A nice little bungalow with great outdoor seating options and lush greens, the place reminds me of my grandparents place, minus a few mango trees and grandma's dishes. There are more than 20 tables outside and 10 inside, although I must insist sitting outside because of the view.

All meals here come with a side of preserved veges and...wait for it...crispy pork skins!!! There is absolutely nothing more awesome than this. Oh maybe if you dip the pork skins into the house sauce...yumz!

crispy pork skins

preserved vege

awesome sauces

Our orders came within 10 minutes of ordering, really fast for Yangon standards. first came the beef noodles with flat noodles (Ks2,200), the broth was filled with beefy goodness but at the same time, clear and refreshing, really similar to the ones I had at Kuang Fei back home.The dish was filled generously with thick beef slices too, really value for money.

beef noodles

Next to come was the completely opposite to the clear, refreshing beef noodles, pork colon noodles (Ks2,200). The soup was thick and chunky, filled with pieces of pork intestines and the noddles, chewy and bouncing in my mouth. Add in some of the pork skins and I had my first mouthful of gang-bang in Yangon.

pork colon noodles

Last but not least, the quin-essential of Burmese noodles, Sett-Che or dry noodles (Ks1,800), served here with a spoonful of  chicken broth and bits of roast pork. Again really chewy, simple yet flavorful dish.


We ordered a side of spring rolls (Ks2,200) for good measure too but unfortunately, the rolls were too oily and tasteless for me. Maybe its just me as my friends were happily munching them away.

spring rolls

In essence, Happy noodles is probably one of the best places for one to have a taste of all the different noddles dishes in Myammar (there are more than 30 noodle choices on the menu). A lot of side dishes and most of the waiters speak good English. Give this place a try when you are in town.

Here's a map for you readers. Happy Noodles is located off Inya Road, look out for the big signboard along Inya Road near BME & Burgerjoint. Most English speaking taxi drivers would know the place.

Happy Noodles Cafe & Restaurant
62 Inya Road,
Kamaryut Township, Yangon.

Tel: 01-525112

Operating hours: 
daily from 11am to late

doggyjames says...great place for lunch and after dinner drinks, beer served here so why not?

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