Tuesday, September 24, 2013

999 Shan Noodle Shop, yangon

Small little shop: checked.

Helpful workers & friendly boss: checked.

Great food: Double Checked!

Being what you'd call a true Asian (for my Malaysian/Singaporean readers: cinapek), I proudly admit to be a noodles guy who would go crazy over a simple bowl of piping hot noodle soup. 999 Shan Noodle Shop in downtown Yangon easily fits my 3 criteria of a great noodles shop: small setting, friendly boss & waiters, fantastic food.

At first glance this unassuming little shop tucked away in a small alley in downtown Yangon might seem like any other noodle shop in Asia, but once you pay notice you will see locals enjoying their noodles alongside what seemed to be seasoned expats (note: T-shirt, shorts and slippers without any cameras) which are always signs of a great hole-in-a-wall noodle place.

My first visit to 999 was after getting inked at my tattoo artist's place about a block away from the shop, when I was still in agonizing pain and probably taking pity on me, the tattoo artist suggested I go to 999 for a nice lunch (or post traumatic treatment, its all good). After ordering from the menu which has English words on it (always helpful), I fell in love with this place almost immediately. Something about the charm of a little shop and people watching, I don't know, just loved it.

I ordered a serving of Shan Noodle soup which cost less than Ks1500 (most of their noodles cost between Ks1000 & Ks1500) and a side of fried tofu which apparently is a staple snack in Shan state. The soup, while looked really blend and clean was packed full of flavours, most likely from the bones & vegetables they make the stock from. The noodles were chewy and a delight to have, I immediately ordered another bowl after slurping up mine within 3 minutes.

The fried tofu was light and had a fine aroma, perfect marriage with the noodles I'd say. Wouldn't say its the best tofu I had but definitely among the best in Yangon.

What surprised me was the standard condiments which come with the noodles. The preserved vegetables was dynamite, it was crunchy, aromatic and comes with a hint of cognac, probably from the fermentation process. The chilli sauce was amazing as well, though my mind was all over the preserved vegetables.

I have made 999 my usual Friday lunch place in Yangon for the past couple of months and with over 20 different choices of noodles available, I can safely say this ranks among the best noodles restaurants in Yangon.

999 Noodle Shop
No.130 34th Street,
Downtown Yangon

doggyjames says...best noodle shop in yangon? yes by far!

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