Thursday, November 28, 2013

Peppers Diner, Yangon

A slab of mediocre steak, which was served well done although I have always ordered medium rare. Tasteless chicken steak swimming in store bought powdered gravy. Uncooked fish that smells like they were sunbathing under the hot Yangon sun for hours...

These are common situations you will face if you decide to have a meal at most of Yangon's "western" restaurants. Fortunately enough, you will not find these at Peppers Diner, located at a sublime setting in Yankin township.

I was called out for dinner one day after work by my fellow expats in the office, saying they are going to a really good western restaurant which in my mind, was just meh, another fake-ass western restaurant? Little did I know this would be one of my favorite restaurants ever.

Peppers is set in a nice bungalow, a common sight in Yangon. With ample seating both inside and outdoors, I'd say its pretty impressive especially when it's called a diner instead of a cafe or restaurant. We sat down and after a short wait and some obligated work talk, the food was served.

First to come was the French Onion Soup (4,000Ks). I was immediately taken by the smell of this home made dish. Onion-ny, generous with cheese and topped with a nice piece of baguette, the soup is definitely made fresh and NOT from a can. My slight cold that night was cured instantly after this delicious little wonder.

wonderful little bowl of goodness

I ordered the Fish Au Gratin (7,000Ks) which includes a fresh piece of fish baked to perfection and served with a side of salad and sauteed vegetables. The fish was done just right, not overcooking it and the flavors were heightened by the presence of butter and lemon, a really good way to end my fish cravings that week.

awesome alternative to Fish n Chips

My colleague's Beef Tenderloin (8,000Ks) which was done perfectly medium rare, served with sauteed potatoes was even more impressive. The meat was cooked just right with the perfect amount of char to it. The bread was a nice touch, just the right tool to soak up all the extra juices from the steak.

its actually much bigger than it seems

The Chicken ala Cream (6,500Ks) was surprisingly good. Half a chicken with cream sauce served with salad, sauteed veges and mash potatoes. The chicken was tender and juicy, something you dont always expect at a Myanmar western restaurant. And the cream was heavenly, too bad we ran out of bread to soak up all the sauce!

yummy chickies

Peppers is certainly a great choice for Yangonites yearning for a nice, affordable western restaurant. Oh, did I mention the coffee here is really good too?

Here's a map for you readers. Peppers is located alone New University Avenue Road, near the intersection between New University Avenue Road & Sayarsan road.

Peppers Diner
612 New University Anevue Road,
Yankin, Yangon.

doggyjames says....value for money western restaurant with really good food, whats not to like?

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