Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Little Taiwan Restaurant, IoI Mall Puchong

Let it be on record that I never liked Taiwanese cooking.



Never ever ever.

Except smelly tofu la...thats good XD

Unfortunately Taiwanese restaurants are quietly mushrooming all over the Klang Valley, especially Shillin...so damn oily and smelly inside, cannot sit summore...doggyjames no likey. So when my friends suggested that we go for a nice Taiwanese dinner I was like siiiiiiiiiggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....No choice, I wasnt driving that time, no choice must follow.

We decided to go to Little Taiwan in IoI Mall Puchong, which looks promising on the outside. Nice clean interiors with pictures of oh-so-yummy-looking dishes on their walls and of course, a bubble tea wrapping machine at the bar counter, typical I thought. I decided however why not give it a shot, since the environment is nice and all, and the pictures and on the wall seems tempting...although being a marketer I know pictures often bluff people one :p Summore this place halal one, so...dunno la halal Chinese food never really occur to me as good

Each of us ordered some mains and snacks, with one certain person ordering this "bubble with everything I can find on the menu" thing. I didnt have the balls to taste but according to him, taste surprisingly nice. Dunno, looks colorful, but maybe he was trying to cover up for himself lolz

Soon after the food arrived. And boy how surprised was I!

The snacks arrived first. Both fried and steamed dumplings were surprisingly good! I have always been a Japanese gyoza fan and never thought TAIWANESE gyoza would taste so good too! Halal summore! Steamed dumplings really retained all of its juices inside its skin and the fried dumplings adds a really nice crunchiness to the whole experience. The contrast textures really mixed well for me, would definitely order this again the next time I am here.

My Three Treasures Beef Rice Set was among the first mains to arrive. OMG the aromatic smell was just amazing! Now I am an anti-MSG person and am very happy to report that the MSG level in this dish is really really minimal! Well according to the manager most of the sauces and soups here are made with real ingredients and slow cooked for two days. With this flavour there was no reasons for me to doubt him. And the 3 treasures - beef shanks, TRIBE & VENETIAN were really tender and flavorful, and I was pleasantly surprised to find beef spare parts here! Summore the rice here are served with a generous splash of flavorful minced meat sauce, really nice touch there.

The chicken dishes here are amazing too. The fried chicken here are really out of this world. My friends ordered rice sets with salted chicken chop and salted chicken (small bite size pieces), And I was genuinely surprised by its crunchiness and tenderness inside! Especially the small salted chicken bits! The chicken bits were accompanied by some fried basil leaves, adding just the right amount of aromatic attraction to the dish. The chicken chop was so much tastier and juicier than Shilin's XXL chicken, with just the right amount of spiced salt on them.

There is one more dish using beef spare parts, their Three Treasures Beef Noodles Soup. Flavorful soup based, with just the right amount of noodles and meat provided much needed comfort that night (it was raining and IoI mall is rather cold). Placed in a heated steel bowl, the heat from the soup was well kept. Really nice touch indeed. The noodles were superb, Just the right amount of texture like those hand made ramens. Another winner from Little Taiwan this one.

The last main was this rather odd looking dish. Taiwanese lou shu fun...huh? I remember loushu fun @ Jalan Sultan KL but did not expect this dish here. It was ok, with minced meat bits, taiwanese sausages, veg, mushrooms and loushu fun mixed with some salty yet sweet sauce. maybe a little too watery for me but would definitely fit those who craves something soupy yet could finish a whole bowl of soup. Not the best on the table, just good enough.

Being the pigs that we are, we decided to finish our meal with a good serving of Taiwanese onion cakes. Very crunchy and aromatic, goes superbly with their awesome chili sauce. Very very nice snack indeed.

The meal cost about RM160 for 7 people with drinks, just right I supposed for the yummy food you'd get. It changed doggyjames' view towards Taiwanese cuisine. Highly recommended. They do have a few other outlets in Klang Valley & Melaka according to their website.

Here is a map for you readers. Little Taiwan is located in IoI Mall Puchong new wing, just beside the cinema.

Little Taiwan Restaurant IOI Mall
Lot ET8 & ET9, 3rd Floor, IOI Mall,
Batu 9 Jalan Puchong Jaya
47170 Puchong
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 03-8075 0322


doggyjames says...Absolutely wonderful affair in the heart of Puchong, really tasty and different cuisine in a very nice environment. doggyjames is won over :D


  1. well, the food looks really good =)

  2. Went to the one at Pavilion. It doesn't impress me though.

  3. that drink looks delicious...i want it NOW!

  4. The drink looks dangerous if you ask me...lol

  5. Also 1 in eCurve.... didn't wanna try, well, because it was Taiwanese hehe... now I might!

  6. there is no more Little Taiwan in IOI Mall, changed to Taiwan Recipe and it is Non-Halal...


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