Saturday, December 3, 2011

Not All Carbs Are Created Equal

I have been following a new diet these past 2 weeks which made me feel more energetic and performed much better in the gym: the Paleo Diet. In short, Paleo dieters follow a strict diet of more or less eating like how our cavemen forefathers used to: large amount of protein, no processed food, selected spices and drinks (I can live without coffee though so I still drink 2-3 cups a day :p) and large amounts of vegetables. Whilst most dieters go without carbs, I do add in some "healthy carbs" into my diet which I feel provides me with a good helping of fuel to burn during my gymming sessions. Here are some carbs which could actually help us slim down or achieve our physical goals:

Good Carbs

I now love couscous and wheat pasta :)

Do have a go at Paleo diet and try and take in some "good carbs" if you could. You will feel more energetic too and seriously, I do not have the 3pm slump now :D

doggyjames says...eating healthy is a choice, and seriously you do not need to sacrifice good food to achieve your dreams of having a great body!

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