Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kobe GyutakuYakiniku & Steak, Subang Jaya

One night while talking about dinner plans with my newest makan buddy, we decided to go for this little place in ss15 which supposedly offers one of the best Japanese BBQ experiences in town. And since it was the beginning of month when our wallets are still filled with salaries, we decided to go all out and treat ourselves there.

First thing's first in a Japanese restaurant, miso soup is a must. The cool drizzling weather allows for a hot bowl of soup fortunately. The Misotan (RM28) is meant for 2 person here so its fine with us. The miso soup here is pretty basic but good, one could taste real miso paste being used and the slight hint of Bonito broth used to prepare the soup. A good belly warming bowl of soup this one.

And with our bellys properly warmed up, we moved on to the BBQ items. A couple plates of beef tongues (Jyo Tan Shio) both with and without miso marinates (RM 35 each) are good starts for the meal. The tongue is so fresh they could be meant for sashimi as is! The charred flavours were more awesome though, beefy, tender and very very aromatic, hard to resist a few more helpings for anyone! The simple lime sauce for the tongue were great as well, adds a good kick into your beefy experience!

The next dish was one which I look forward to after reading all the review online, Tokusen Yukke or beef sashimi (RM35). Though we order the normal beef instead of the grade 6 Australian wagyu or kobe beef, which cost a bomb, the beef were splendid! The presence of pine nuts and a quill egg adds a really good depth and dimension into the dish. Must have ah!

The grilled beef experience continues with a good marbled Jyo Karubi or the prime beef ribs (RM38). Needs no further introduction or clever copywriting, just look at them marbled fats and grill marks!

We order a serving of Salmon Yaki (RM22) just to complete the whole Japanese experience here. The generous chunk of salmon fillet was served in an aluminum foil and filled with butter for a smooth silky taste. The onions placed under the fish prevents the fish from burning and adds a welcomed aroma to the dish.

Food here is definitely awesome and the dining experiences is out of this world. Though some may think a not so famous restaurant hidden in a quiet suburb is not as good as those famous ones in KL, I beg to differ. I would prefer Japanese BBQ over Korean ones anytime simply because of its choice of beefy cuts and the lack of smokiness around the place. A definite positive recommendation for anyone here.

Here's a map of the place for you readers. Kobe is located in ss15, the same street as Peppercorn cafe and Old Town White Coffee near Taylor's Business School. Parking in ss15 is always hard but you can try parking at the car parks next to the wet market.

Kobe Gyutaku Yakiniku & Steak, Subang Jaya
52, Jalan ss15/4,
Subang Jaya, Selangor

Tel: 03-5638 2923

Advance bookings are advised due to the lack of tables here, but thats the best part of this place, total privacy!

doggyjames says....Really good authentic Japanese BBQ experience, prices maybe steep for most of us but its really worth it!

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