Friday, May 31, 2013

Sights & Sounds of Yangon - part 2

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One of the many things that fascinates me in this beautiful city: the buildings.When they say Yangon is the place with the most colonial buildings in Asia they weren't kidding.

Yangon high court

Probably one of the most obvious landmarks in downtown Yangon, the city council building, surrounded by stalls of street vendors and illegal money changers. Of course, there is a pagoda right next to it.

city council & kabaye pagoda (i think)

Surprising enough, the city is filled with magnificent churches, about 500 metres away from a pagoda & mosque.

And apartment blocks all over the city, where most Yangonites stay.

typical apartments in Yangon

One of the most significant buildings in Yangon: Secretariat Building, where Aung San was assassinated. The building remains closed to the public but there are talks of foreign investors wanting to convert it into a museum/hotel complex. Will they bring the building back to its former glory or destroy it, just like so many beautiful old buildings around the world?

secretariat building

And of course, the pride of Yangon, the awesomely beautiful Shwedagon Pagoda.

taken from a coffee stand near the Pagoda

More pictures to come!

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