Monday, August 31, 2009

Monopoly Card Game Night

This is what i did for merdeka eve...

played monopoly card game at a friends place.

Its not that i am not a patriotic person nor i hate crowded places...its just that...i am freaking broke this month...its cheaper to stay at a friends place drinking cheap beer & eating cheap snacks.

Monopoly card game is an alternate version of the original board game. The idea of the game is to basically sort out your cards according to their own categories or colours, and when you have a complete sets of "colours", you are declared the winner. And of course, poke fun at your fellow players using wild card at the meantime, hoping that your friends would be turned into KokWai as shown in the videos below. You are required to do a victory dance once you've won a round, demonstrated by me in the video below.

Wikipedia would have done a better job at explaining the game here or better yet, invite me to your game XD

Warning: This game is dangerous at own risk!

Here are just SOME examples of the game situation:

Small intro & normal game some alcohol influence

Heres an example of the winning dance...remember this dance is compulsory if you wanna win okay...

And here...this is how you MIGHT look like when you lose...more than 10 times in a row

But then...god is fair...this is when he won ( we played for 2 days and he won once)

For your information, this game is good by itself...but if u want a GREAT game...drink this BEAR BEER, available at your nearest KK supermart, 99 Supermart, Econsave or el-cheapo Kedai Runcit.

Seriously, this shit can brighten up any party or gathering. RM6 each with 12% suspiciously unknown...scared or not? haha

Anyways, Doggyjames would like to wish everyone Happy Merdeka Day!!! and happy 52nd Birthday to Malaysia!


  1. you guys are damn funny! and the cursing that your friend came up with is amazing! XD

  2. why thank you...all these cannot be achieved without the beer mind you... XD

  3. Looks nice mate... I've nvr hear of Bear Beer before.. :(

  4. oldman: piece of advise...u MUST try bear beer its crazy!

    cheap too

  5. bear: haha food...when n where my friend?


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