Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sam You Chinese Restaurant, Petaling Jaya

Sam You is a really old & famous Chinese restaurant located in PJ new town. Apparently my parents used to bring me & my sis there all the time when we were still kids, I however had completely forgotten about it lol. Dad was in the mood for a full-on Chinese dinner one fine weekend and we were hanging around PJ, so off we went to visit this place in search of old memories.

The restaurant looks like any other old school Chinese restaurants in the country. Big with a lot of seats cramped inside, doing weeding receptions & old folks' birthdays all the time. The environment is nice and cozy, quiet too as we arrived about 5.30pm.



We ordered 4 dishes in total. The first dish is the Seafood Pot. A concoction of different seafood: sea cucumber, abalone, fish & fuu chuk slowly cooked in a claypot. This dish would easily be the best dish of the night. The essence of all the ingredients totally matched one another, and as an outcome the sauce, which I suspect is cooked with chicken broth came out totally amazing. The seafood were very fresh and nice and the best thing...this dish cost only RM32...abalone for RM32 mannnnnnn where to find???

awesome seafood pot!

The second dish was rather unconventional and rather innovative in my mind. Fried chicken stuffed with yam. The Crispy chicken & yam are truly a match made in heaven. Contrasting textures may not work all the time, but this dish is truly ingeniously perfect! Truly a piece of art this one.

i admit this is soooooooo much better than KFC

tell me you are not hungry already hehe

We ordered the homestyle tofu as our vege option for the night. Good & smooth texture, blends very nicely with the fuu chuk & greens that came with it. The taste however was a little blend for my liking. Nonetheless this is still a "pass" dish in my books.

homemade tofu...its passable...

The star of the night, despite the abalone, was the humble ol' steamed fish. I believe they used garoupa or some other familiar type of sea fish for this. The portion was just right and the meat, oh my god so freaking fantastic! Freshness! I swear I have not had fish this good for quite a long time now. The meat was cooked to perfection with light favours e.g. soy, ginger & sesame oil and the sauce....oh lala~~~I ordered another bowl of rice just to eat with the sauce. A must try dish here.

OMG freaking wonderful steamed fish...only RM16!!!

We had the herbal jelly & peanut stew for dessert. Okay at best, wouldn't say their dessert is excellent. But then that might be because the mains were too awesome XD

peanut stew

herbal jelly

The bill came to RM104...not too bad in my eyes for quite a grand meal. Will be back again very very soon!

Heres a map & details for you readers.

Sam You Restaurant 三友冷气酒家
Lot 56/58, Jalan 52/4
Section 52, Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-7955 1197
03-7955 1179

Opening Hours:
11.30am - 2.30pm
5.30pm - 10.30pm daily

Doggyjames says...A great find in PJ, great place for family reunions, joyous occasions & business dinners!!! Food great, price great!

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