Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SF Restaurant, Sungai Buloh

Yvonne had some Singaporean friends who came over the other day, and she invited us for lunch at one of her favorite restaurants in Sungai Buloh, near her workplace :SF Seafood Restaurant 爽快海鲜饭店. Little did i know this would turn out to be a hidden little surprise...luckily NTM reminded me to bring my camera along!

The restaurant is tucked away in a secluded part of Sungai Buloh, hiding amongst the hundreds of factories there. One look and one would realized that this must be a favorite eatery for workers & businessmen alike in the area. The setting is as rugged as the outlook, and somehow these kinda settings just scream YUMMY! to me :)

from outside


After everyone arrived, it was up to Yvonne to place the order as this is her turf. I was just busy serving tea and smoking away while waiting for the good stuff to arrive. After a brief 10 minutes, One by one it started to appear before our very eyes. The first to arrive was the lala in superior stock 上汤啦啦. This common dish is being offered with a twist here. Beside, the usual stock, which is quite common among all eateries, the lala here is drizzled by a small amount of chinese rice wine. Not too much, just enough to enhance the natural taste of lala. Really well done i must say.

shong tong lala

The 2nd dish was roasted pork stewed in yam sauce. A very interesting dish...yam sauce was very delicate, a big contrast to the flavorful roast pork it is stewing...the result was a captivating dish, goes extremely well with white rice...another good one!

roasted pork in yam sauce

The 3rd dish was the deep fried pork trotter. This excited me a lil bit as i am a great fan of pork trotter or hock, Unfortunately the meat wasn't cooked long enough, Tendons & meat was too tough to handle. A little bit disappointing...the sauce was good, but not as good as the previous dish. The fried long beans with garlic was nice, crisp and fresh, very nicely done indeed.

pork trotter

long beans

After the meal we decided to crack some durians open, just because we can >:D There is a durian stall just in front of the restaurant selling premium D24...took a few and started swallowing them one by one...It was good, but not fantastic.

SH opening the durians for all to eat

smelly little yellow custards from heaven

random durian shell shot

The meal comes to RM 94 minus the durians...wouldn't say the cheapest in the world but it is definitely worth it. Would be back soon just for the lala & roasted pork with yam dish.

heres a map & shop details for you readers.

SF Seafood Restaurant
PT27047, Jalan Perkhidmatan,
Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh, Selangor

Tel: 012-6110330, 012-6370918 (Steven)

Opening Hours: Everyday except alternate Tuesdays
Lunch 11am - 2.30pm
Dinner 6pm - 10.30pm

Doggyjames says...A good place for you people working in Sg. Buloh...quite a lucky bunch u guys...grrrr...


  1. The roasted prok in yam sauce looks good! :)

  2. Injured still can go until Sg. Buloh to makan ah?

    Ppl ask u to go Klang makan BKT, u say see first pulak... :(

  3. Funny, I was looking at your post and saw the durians. In fact, I just came back from eating a Raja Udang Durian... mmmm



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