Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blue Sky Tapioca Noodles, Klang

Whats better than noodles? My answer: tapioca noodles! These stringy & super gluey noodles may look, & feel disgusting when dipped in water, somehow like a snake's skin, but they sure taste damn well in the hands of a master chef!I was introduced to this place in Klang which does just that by my dad, and finally I had the chance to experience the noodles there live for myself.

It was kinda hard finding the place, nonetheless we reached there just in time to beat the dinner crowd. It is very easy to miss as this is actually a home operated business, literally built on a corner lot house, something quite common in the older parts of Klang. There is this big banner in front of the place just in case you couldn't find it. Seating is OK, plastic stools & almost broken wooden tables are fine by me.



the makeshift kitchen

We ordered 2 kinds of tapioca noodles, dry & wet style. They fried the noodles with various seafood...REAL seafood not those factory generated fish balls crap, fresh veg, fried garlic & lots & lots & lots of pork lard! Super yummy! The contrast between the crunchy pork lard and the smoothing noodles is simply fab. I prefer the dry one as the pork lard retains all of its juiciness & wonderful aroma...those of you who prefers something light would like the wet type. Nonetheless they are both very very good.

dry noodles

wet ones

soon to be in my stomach ones

The seafood served here are all very fresh, you wouldn't come to Klang to have seafood and get unfresh seafood on your plates. They choose to deep fry the "chicken fish" 鸡鱼" with deep friend garlic. Might sound very oily but it goes very well with the noodles. Strange but true. Once you bite into the fresh, the oiliness somehow get neutralized by the fresh meat making it oh-my-gawd-so-damn-good.

deep fried fish with garlic...LOTS of garlic!

We had the sweet potato leaves & deep fried mantis prawns to complete our meals. Veg was fresh & crispy, although a little bit too salty for me. The mantis prawns....another typical disaster of putting too much flour...its more like having flour balls with traces of prawn...not good.

normal lah the veg...

whats with KLang people & mantis prawns?not good friends?

Places like this are the reasons why i love Klang so much. Honest people earning honest money by offering great meals, using the best ingredients available charging a fair amount in return. It only cost 4 of us less than RM30 for the meal, with herbal tea for everyone.

Here's a map for you readers. The place is located at the corner lot house at the end of Jalan Kelichap 43, opposite Petronas and next to Klang Parade. No numbers provided as the owners did not want too many

Blue Sky Tapioca Noodles
2, Jalan Kelichap 43 OFF Jalan Meru,

Opening Hours: 5.30pm - 11pm daily, rest on Tuesdays

Doggyjames says...Definitely worth my trip from Subang all the way down to Klang. Maybe you would love it too!


  1. dun eat too much pork lard, no good lah.. oily

  2. damn, this looks awesome. When u goin again, take me there la...

  3. How come u nvr ask any of us to all these makan places ah? Kanasai...

    U're biased la man...

    Either u ajak some of us here or we'll spill the beans on ur evil and hamsap deeds! Muahaha...

  4. when u guys wanna go la? hahaha please dont spill my secrets out on the web


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