Friday, July 17, 2009

Jaya Noodle House, Jaya One PJ

Had some business matter to attend to in Jaya One, so as usual I was thinking of all the beer, beer and beers after the meeting haha..but just before i could tempt Carmen to a nice cooling pint of beer, she suggested that we have dinner at Jaya noodle house instead. I have never heard of the place before but appearent it was very famous when the outlet was still in Jaya supermarket, years ago. So why not?

Jaya noodles house 富门面家 is located near to old town kopitiam, and it wasnt have to find at all after looking at the directories. Very nice place i would say, though simple, all the furnishing & interiors somehow reminds me of one of them traditional restaurants in Hong Kong.

from outside

inside...nice oldies feel hey?

Sat down and looked through their menu. They have the usual roasted duck, chicken, char siew and siu yok dishes. Looks good on the menu, but i've decided to try something else...something like...Pork Hock Noodles!

Oh yea, they serve some really nice papadam chips for starters here...nice!


Their pork hock noodles is really really nice. Juicy pork fat running wild in your mouth...mmm...very fresh & delicate they have made the meat to be. The sauce goes well with the pork and noodles...but a little too much MSGs for my liking. Nonetheless it was still very good.

pork hock noodles

TASTY baby!!!

Carmen decided to have the clear noodles soup with steamed chicken. Looks good, smells even better. And the expression on her face confirms that its good. They sure arent stingy with the servings here, we were so full we couldnt walk for a while.

for those who prefers something light

The bill comes to RM 21 for a truely fulfilling meal. Definately would be back again.

Heres a map for JayaOne for you. Jaya noodles house is located outside, facing the road, a couple of shoplots away from Old town Kopitiam. Just check the directory there if you cant find it.

Jaya Noodle House
Jaya 1, C-3-1,
13/6, Section 13,
Petaling Jaya

Tel:03- 7954 2639

Doggyjames says...very nice & simple place offering great meals. Definately something i would go for everyday if i am working there.

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  1. Jaya Noodle House will cease operations at end of January 2016.
    Visit this nostalgia restaurant before it closes.


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