Monday, July 6, 2009

Musang in da Office

The design department in my office found out that they have a new colleague which they didnt know off recently - a musang or fox. It all happened when one of the designers, Pauline had discovered that her junk food & fruits has been mysteriously disappearing...even when i wasnt around :b Then the team found musang footprints all over the office, so a task force was set up to catch the fellow...

traces of the musang

The tastforce was lead by Pauline, the first victim of the musang who was on FIRE to catch the musang; Carmen, the boss of the office; EngHao, who is hloding on tightly to his bread fearing that he too would be a victim; and Hairul, who just wanna all this to end and get home to his wife.

Doggyjames was there too to help should the need arise.

chief de mission - Pau

joining the fun - Carmen

my partner in crime - tried to make bak kut teh outta the musang

abang hairul - no eye see

i like to help colleagues...another department or not

A trap was then laid with an apple for a bait to see if we could catch anything at night.

the trap

Sure enough, 2 days later we caught the musang...2 musangs actually...a mom & a kid!

the catch

the catch - mummy musang

bonus - baby musang

I am pleased to say that both musangs were returned to the wild shortly after their capture... :)

Oh and...another musang was found a few days agao...this time EngHao lost his bread.

This will be fun :)

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