Friday, July 31, 2009

Justice System in Malaysia

Do keep in mind that this is NOT a political blog, nor do i care about the current political situation in the country. But when i was reading the news today these 2 cases really angered me kao-kaoed today:

Five years jail for attempted rape on 5 year old

20 years for RAPE & MURDER

I mean...only FIVE years for attempted rape on a FIVE year old kid? come on!!! This guy fucked up the kid's life forever and he only gets 5 years??? There is no logic at all!!!And only TWO strokes of the rotan? There was a case where a WOMAN gets more for drinking beer!!!

And the 2nd U rape & killed a bright young student, who was underage at the time, robbed her life, destroyed her family's hopes and u get a bargain of 20 years only? Come on!!! This guy should at least get life sentence if not hanged! Its murder!

Doggyjames is deeply saddened by the justice system in Malaysia. Why aren't the lawmakers doing something about it? Surely this is too much for anyone to swallow!



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