Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meng Kee Steamed Soup, Paramount PJ

I have always enjoy great chinese the roadside. Chances are if there is a stall selling chinese food, no matter roasted duck, general chinese food, dai-chao or in this case, steamed soups, they would be super good.

Shereen had told me about this chinese food stall in Paramount gardens specializing in steamed soups. And we finally had the chance to let me taste this little hidden secret in PJ for the first time after one of our shopping sessions during the weekends. It is tucked away nicely beside Paramount's Giant Supermarket & Post office, right by the roadside. By the time we arrived, about 9pm, the place was still packed, some customers had even just seated. This gave away little regarding the place's we waited for about 15 minutes before sitting down and placing our order.

By the way, its called Meng Kee Steam Soup or 洺记暾汤.

by the road side

so many customers...

its next to the post office

The soup was the first to arrive. We ordered the chicken soup with old ginseng. My god was it good or what! The soup was steamed to perfection, having absorb all the essence of flavours from the chicken, which i suspect is kampung chicken, the old ginseng and various kinds of herbs & chinese medicine which were generously thrown into the soup. A few pieces of old cucumber were found inside the soup, giving it the extra bit of dimension in terms of texture. This soup, receives the 10/10 honours from doggyjames, the first of its kind. Certainly out of this world!

steamed soup

We ordered some dishes to go with the soup. Steamed chicken, steamed bakchoy & tofu with fish paste. There were definitely above average, although i'd like the chicken to be warmed up a bit before serving. The bokchoy was steamed just right, crunchy enough and the sauce was very good indeed. Amazing what simple oyster sauce & sesame oil can do to your average plate of veg. The tofu was...flavorful. Although i dont see the point in adding the fish paste. It lacks the fishy presence in it.

steamed chicken

steamed bok choy

tofu with fishpaste

The bill comes to RM 33 including 2 servings of ice herbal tea, very cheap considering the quality of food we had. Oh and you better get there early as most of their 50 different kinds of soup are sold out before 9pm.

Heres a map for you readers. Meng Kee is located right beside Giant & Paramount Post Office. Right at the roadside. no way you can miss it.

Meng Kee Steamed Soup
stall 9, Jalan 20/16
Paramount Gardens PJ

Tel: 012 239 0623

Doggyjames says...very very good place for a hearty meal which would keep your wallet heavy as usual. go there fast fast!!! :D

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