Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bangkok Trip, Part 1

Long, long, long overdue post...

Me and some buddies had decided to go on a guys trip (well WAS a guys trip until some of us accidentally told his girl about the trip, which turned into an everyones invited trip) to Bangkok late last year, for some good old shopping, eating and just plain having a good time in a totally different city.

Left LCCT in the morning, flight was delayed but spirits were high!

Reached Bangkok just after lunch, after checking into the hotel we went to our highly anticipated 1st meal in Bangkok - McDonalds haha for their Samurai burger! Seriously though its crap

But the coffee stand outside McD made up for it. Packed full of strong coffee taste, freshly brewed from a chart and its better than any standard Starbucks sizes, AND it cost 350 Baht! Beat that Starbucks!

Oldmen managed to camwhore at the BTS train station.

Went to Chatuchak market for some much needed shopping therapy right after McD lunch, it was hot hot hot but lots of fun!

Saw some relatives there as well, infamous Chatuchak pets markets, cute lah!

Food at the market was fantastic! Got some freshly grilled prawns and beer for early dinner, not to mention all the various food stalls in the market.

Suckiti suck suck

Found a stall selling coconut ice cream, fantastic stuff this one!

1st day shopping evidence

We went to Sukhumvit for supper and late night drinking after going back to the hotel for some much needed rest. Did not bring my camera for obvious reasons (snatch thieves....yea...thats my reason...ahem)

*stay tuned for Bangkok Trip, Part 2

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