Sunday, July 3, 2011

Medan Ikan Bakar, Muara Sungai Duyung, Melaka

During the first 2 years of my working career I was constantly driving down to Melaka for roadshows and promotions for the company and luckily enough was introduced to this hidden little gem by my then-colleagues (present-friends). Boasting fresh seafood right from the Straits of Malacca and the perfect cooking methods, this place certainly IS one of the best ikan bakar places in Melaka. Luckily enough, I was able to visit this place again during a working trip down to Melaka recently with some colleagues.

Choices of seafood here are aplenty. from fresh snappers, stingrays to calamari to various shellfishes. Modus Operandi here is pretty simple, just choose your seafood and let the counter guys know what kind of cooking method you preferred (I recommend bakar without anything so you can savour the freshness of the seafood) and just wait a little while for your food to arrive.

A tip for you: you would not need any plates whilst dining here. Just use the nasi lemak packs (RM0.60). Whilst simple, the rice is really fragrant and the sambal just spicy enough to tickle your tastebuds, providing the welcomed company to the fresh seafoods. The sauce, made from kicap manis ABC, lime juice, shallots, belacan and chilli is simply amazing, goes perfectly with any seafood on offered here.

During this visit, me and a couple of colleagues decided on red snapper, calamari and cockles. The red snapper (RM28) was done ala bakar cili and it was really, really fresh. the natural sweetness of the fish was simply amazing and when matched with the sauce, is really an orgasmatic gangbanging experience in your mouth.

The fried calamari (RM12?) is probably the one MUST HAVE over here. Simply battered and deep friend, the outer crust of was crispy and the calamari itself was tender, sweet, chewy and best of all, not overcooked and was just right.

The cockles (RM10?) were simply boiled with lemongrass, which provides a welcomed fragrant background to the dish. A pity I tend to avoid cockles for health reasons but my colleagues loved it and commented that the cockles was the freshest they ever had.

I can't really remember the exact price of each dish but the bill came to RM66 for 3 of us. Not too bad a price considering we had at least RM10 worth of drinks as well. Value for money? Definitely! Try coming early before 6pm otherwise it is almost impossible to get a seat or better yet, come after 8pm and you will have the whole night to enjoy your meal.

Here's a map and better yet, GPS coordinates for you readers. The place is really remote and not easy to find. Try going along Jalan Padang Temu from Melaka Town until you reach a quiet Malay fishing village, looking for a river with fishing boats along it and a small road on your right, turn in and drive for about 1 KM, Medan Ikan Bakar Muara Sungai Duyung is the first shop you see.

Medan Ikan Bakar Muara Sungai Duyung, Melaka
KM 4-5, Jalan Padang Temu,
Permatang Pasir, Melaka

GPS Coordinates: N211.166, E10216.997

Tel: 012-636 2339 (Pak Azmi)

Opening Hours: 5pm - 12am (not sure if they have rest days or not, but every time I go there they are open)

doggyjames says....certainly a hidden gem of Melaka, please I beg of you try it at least once!


  1. once tried here....
    ok2 la the ikan bakar....
    but for the sotong goreng tepung...
    i prefer shop no 1 at umbai...
    miss the ikan bakar!!

  2. Sucks.. A cut throat price @ RM89.60 for
    1) Jenahak masak sweet & sour - entah apa2 rasa
    2) 2 ekor sotong goreng kunyit - tasteless
    3) Kupang masak cili - cili x cukup masak, tawar habis
    4) Sayur campur 1 set - Hampeh
    5) Nasi putih 3 pinggan
    6) Air tebu 1 jag


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