Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bangkok Trip, Part 2

-Continuation from Bangkok Trip, Part 1 -

2nd day breakfast - Pad Thai & Iced Coffee in the hotel cafe because we got so drunk the night before (beer buffet, 600Baht per person, don't ask about the aftermath). I have never liked hotel food but this is really good! noodles were cooked just right, taste was tangy and flavourful, and eggs were fluffy! Even the coffee tasted great!

Here's a picture of the infamous Bangkok traffic for you, serious traffic sucks.

After crossing the road in front of our hotel, we discovered a roadside stall which sells Pork & intestines. Reminds me of Bak Kut Teh at home but the sauce is really concentrated and the meat superbly fresh and the sauce really flavourful. We couldn't help but to grab a 2nd helping of breakfast for less than 30Baht per portion!

2nd day was shopping, and shop we did! Heck I even found my long lost twin brother in Ratchaprasong.

And a really, really good lunch at MBK food court. Whatever I said about food court food, I take them back...the food here is to die for!!! And cheap! Beef Noodles, Shredded Pork, Pad Thai (yes I am addicted to Pad Thai), a big bottle of Singha and even Mango Rice desert for less than 500Baht. Awesome lah!

Spent the whole day shopping (& drinking...) and went back to the hotel....NOT forgetting another camwhore chance lah!

Shopping day 2:

Supper was at Soi Cowboy, and we left the girls in the hotel. Awesome stuff that night :)

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