Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ah Hua Hokkien Mee, Paramount Gardens PJ

When it comes to dinner in PJ, hawker food or 大炒 would be the first thing that comes to our minds. Me & my unimates Ming, hy, Teng & Jonny decided to have our dinner at Ah Hua Hokkien Mee located at Paramount Gardens PJ.

Upon reaching the place we were very very lucky to be able to find a parking space...2 blocks down the road! As my boss brought me here for supper some months ago I instantly recognized the place.

sorry for the blurry images...i will go shop for a real camera soon yea...

The place was vibrant was packed full of people that night. I even spotted some HOT CHICKS makaning there as well! As this is Jonny's teritory he ordered the hokkien noodles, yi mee & another plate of noodles which I couldnt recall. I opted for the fried lala in sambal sauce and some steamed soup. Of course satay was on the menu as well

One of the first dishes to arrive is the fried noodles. The smell was like...i can't find the words to describe it...simply divine!! Theres just something about cooking with charcoals thats just so darn irresistible. Accompanied with their sambal 3 big plates of noodles disappeared within 15minutes!!!

Next to arrive are the satays. They serve my favorite lamb satays here so I wasnt complaining at all. Everyone totally agreed that the lamb was awesome! The chicken was succulent and juicy as well, just the way they should be. The beef however was on the rough side. We have a hard time finishing the beef satays.

Last to come was the fried lala. Apparently the boss could not find where we were seated -_-'" but he was so nice that he offered to prepared us a fresh dish!wow thats a first! normally what I usually get at best is getting the boss to heat up my food. When it arrived we simply knew that it was definately worth the wait. It definately taste so much better that it looks, and it dosent look half that bad at all! They were FRESH, juicy and simply gorgeous...the sambal sauce was just heavenly. And the best thing is that they were BIG...just look at the picture!

All of the food: 3 big plates of fried noodles, 2 bowls of steamed soup (not that good, therefore I didnt post), 1 fried lala,30 sticks of satay and half a dozen of drinks for RM80...economical no?

That was certainly a very very satisfying meal indeed, accompanied by the same guys I used to have supper with at 2am in the cold winter nights of Adelaide. We talked about the good old days and how me and Teng couldnt stand each other, fighting at least once every 5 minutes...we are better off now :)

Let me show you how the charcoal cooking process is done:

First locate the stall lol, Ah Hua 阿华 hokkien noodles. If you are not blind you'll definately find it. And if you are blind...simply follow the smell!!!

Then tell the boss: lou ban! ngo ngoi hokkien mee!dai fan ooo!!! (boss!i want hokkien noodles!extra noodles ok!) This would then be greeted by the friendly boss (Ah Hua i presume)

Then...simply enjoy the magical fire cracker show...

Food was soooooo good that i actually smell like the hawker stall...not a good idea when you are going off to meet some hot chicks...but oh well...for food this good i guess its worth it!

Heres a map for you readers should you need it. The way to this place might be a little confusing, if you are coming from ss2, drive all the way down to Seapark where you'll see KFC on your right just before you reach a traffic light, turn left and when you see Public bank on your right, turn right into the residential area. Turn left after you drove in and you will reach Ah Hua on your right. After that...simply enjoy yourself!!! (note: if you are planning to go to a date after your meal, may i suggest a fresh change of cloths?)

Doggyjames says...if you like hawker food, and if you LOVE hokkien noodles, what are you waiting for???

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  1. wow! thanks!! will go check this place out. i love hokkien noodles!! yummy!! =D look forward to more yummy places from you. thanks thanks!!


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