Monday, June 8, 2009

Teluk Pulai Bak Kut Teh, Taman Rashna Klang

Ming the Singaporean came over for a visit recently, and being a hardcore Klang bak kut teh fan I insist he try out the real deal in there we were after meeting up at Carrefour Subang, the dog drove Ming, hy, & Seremban boy Teng all the way down to Klang.

I choose the Teluk Pulai Bak Kut Teh restaurant located in Taman Rashna Klang because this has become one of my favorite bak kut teh places in Klang due to its superb soup mix & high quality pork parts.

We ordered 4 person portion of small bone (细骨)& flower meat (五花肉)...just the bak kut teh for us as I don't really fancy having vege as part of the meal...of course rice, yao tiew (油条), & kop poh (菊堡)tea are all a must.

We waited for about 10minutes before our food arrived...and everything was gone within 20mins! and of course being new to the food blogging world I forgot to snap a picture when the food arrived...only know how to eat lolz

Theres nothing better than having your rice soaked with the soup, some wet yao tiew & meat...the picture above is mine...the one below belongs to Ming...notice the greedy Singaporean overloading his plate!!!

All of us had a really good time that morning...pity Jonny Teh who couldnt wake up that morning...poor thing. Nothing like 4 happy faces and my bowl of BKT soup to sum it all up!

Heres a map of the place for you readers:

Doggyjames says: Must try for all bak kut teh lovers! the only reason to wake up at 7am on a lazy weekend morning.


  1. Man... u need to write more...
    This entry took me like 10 secs to read through... now I'm bored again!

  2. Kang you should start your own blog. Once you start writing you will enjoy it so much more than banging balls during futsal.

    Doggy - I'm reminded of this place. We went there after a gut-busting offroad run in Putrajaya... wahhhh... best gile....


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