Thursday, June 11, 2009

Desa Paku Restaurant, Bukit Jelutong Shah Alam

About 10am on a boring Tuesday morning my work lunch buddy/residential cutie pie/wacky becky Rebecca mentioned this new place just opened near the office. So not willing to go for the same mixed rice, mamak and too lazy to drive out, me and another lunch buddy Carmen decided to try this place out

Literally minutes away from the office, this place provides a different feel from the usual kopitiam & mamak stalls around my office (my office=very JAKUN place). I like the feeling inside out, nice simple yet comfortable feeling...this is soooooo gonna be the place for me to snake...lolz

Desa Paku Restaurant

The seating inside is quite nice and comfy too, with minimal number of patrons as its still the first day...this looks very promising i told myself

nice simple & clean setting

They have 2 basic food groups namely rice & noodles. The rice section includes the usual chicken rice, fried rice, nasi campur etc and as you can see in the picture, there are quite a few selection for their nasi campur. As i found out from the boss later this is apparently a malay/thai cuisine restaurant...nice!

dozens of dishes to choose from

There is also a noodles section as well. The interesting thing is that over here, all the noodle dishes are made right in front of you. they have these huge claypots holding up the soups: tomyum, curry, sup rempah & a clear broth looking soup...this kinda reminds me of Bakso style noodles btw...they serve those nice yellow meehon like noodles which really taste nice

noodles...old school style

Being a rice and curry person I went straight to the dishes, picked out some spicy sayur paku and overloaded the rice with curry & lemak. Interestingly I decided to try their ayam percik too, although I am not so into chicken. Their ayam percik however looks really appetising, even Becky & Carmen decided to order some for themselves. Besides those they also have seafood e.g. fish, squid, prawns & if my eyesights serve me well...crabs. There are beef & lamb too

my mixed rice with ayam percik, sayur paku & some sambal

The verdict? to be honest it was a little dissapointing...the vegetables were too cold and a little bit salty...and chicken was cold too. But despite saying that I really liked their seasoning on the chicken, would really wanna try this piece of baby HOT. The curry sauce are not too bad either...just how i like them, spicy and fatty! The sambal balacan was really really good! fragant and spicy, totally how sambal balacans are supposed to be

becky & carmen poking their ayam percik

Becky took the tomyum noodles. Accoding to her the tomyum was...dissapoiting. the soup was almost tasteless (on my count) but they do throw in a generous amount of seafood & prawns...5 BIG ones by her count...and fresh too!

becky's tomyum

Carmen decided to have a hailanese style seafood fried noodles. This was surprisingly pleasant! The sauce was really fragrant and packed full of great taste and again, the noodles was accompanied by several big & fresh prawns. Carmen really enjoyed her meal

carmen's hailan style seafood nooldes

After the meal I decided to have some kuih as dessert...kuih were alright but a piece of advise: when your lunch buddy ask you to get the kuihs heated up microwave style....DO NOT DO IT!!! *stares at Becky*

post microwaved kuih

Lunch was OK for me. Since its their first day of business I shall give them some room for improvement. The gals however seemed like they've really enjoyed themselves!

the cute girls!

Heres a map for you readers should you need it. Coming from NKVE & Shah Alam just drive straight untill you see the flextronics factory. Then turn left immediately. You should be able to be The Star on your right and some shoplots on your letf. Turn left when you see HeiTech village and turn left at the first turning. Then follow the road all the way. You will then see Desa Paku on your right very soon.

Doggyjames says...Good option for lunch for office folks in the area, room for improvement

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