Wednesday, June 3, 2009

T.K. Kopitiam Kuey Teow Soup, Alor Setar

Last week I was posted to Alor Setar for work. All was good and seriously, makan places where our colleagues over there brought us to was gooooooooooooood!!!

First it was a full on Thai feast at double fish restaurant
(双鱼餐厅), located near Alor Setar Mall (refer to map) which featured steamed fish, seafood tomyum goong, kangkung belachan, & a BIG piece of oh soooooooo succulent pork hock!!!mmm...all for RM76 only!!!gotta love the price...
(no pictures...doggyjames was so hungry that night he forgot to take pictures)

Day passed and all the food so ok...not worth blogging because most of the meals we had were in shopping centres....zzz

On the last night the local colleague had to go first (they stay in Bukit Mertajam) so me and another colleague from KL decided to w
onder around for food and to look see look see...This is what we found:

Just across Alor Setar Mall (refer to map below) there is this T.K. kopitiam, as you can see its kinda like a food mall...something like wai sek kai

Anyways lets go back to the kuey teow was HUGE!!!you can choose from a wide selection of sides to go with your kuey teow as well...from fish balls, meat balls, fuu chuk, sotong to minced pork, and even my favourite yu piao (
鱼漂) !!! The soup is rich and yet, light without a hint of those "bad meat smell" we always get here in KL...heaven I was in...

I ordered a big portion of kuey teow soup, 2 BIG fuchau fish balls (
福州鱼丸), 2 fuu chuks, 1 meat ball, 2 yu piao and an you can see in the picture it sure look very, very, very gooooooooood...just look at the size of the fish ball!!! how much you say? RM4...yes I kid you not its FOUR RINGGIT...thank god for good and cheap food...ahhhh....

Heres a map should any of you readers need it:

doggyjames says...must try for all KLians going to Alor Setar. Value and yumminess all in one big bowl!


  1. Wah lau... so much different than ur previous to keep it up!

  2. food blog? i want to see pimping still young..


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