Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sick Day At The Office

Was Sick at the office...actually the symptoms occurred over a week ago when i experienced some minor sore throat and coughing, plus the addiction of a HUGE pimple right between my eyebrows, which normally happens just before i get into an once-in-a-year-seriously-sick situation. So i braced myself, drank tea took vitamins quite smoking for the day and yet...nothing seemed to work.

my sick & tired face

In goes a couple of cirrus and off i go, hiding in the company library (actually just a storeroom with loads of books) trying to have a good rest.

i try to be comfortable

Despite having the whole room to myself, and quite a comfortable position to rest in, i couldnt sleep. So, being the good employee that i am, i decided to catch up on some self-improvement reading.

model employees read this

Ok lah fine i was actually reading this:

i read this

My considerate colleagues tapau-ed my lunch for me that day.

IF you are seriously sick, i recommend this:

pack full of vitamin & minerals!!!


I continued being sick for the next 5 days.

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